Philadelphia Fall Regional Championship: October 26-27

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  1. ThatCJKid

    ThatCJKid Active Member

    Full Information

    Location: Pennsylvania Convention Center (Terrace Ballroom)
    Date: October 26-27
    Organizer: Dorian Redburn

    Just wondering if anyone from 6P is around this side. I personally live in Delaware and and so Philly is a close drive for me. Philly Regionals are usually pretty big and just curious if anyone would be coming to it!
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  2. Roguechomp

    Roguechomp Active Member

    I'll be going most likely (I'm from NJ).
  3. superw8

    superw8 Did you?

    I am definitely going.
  4. If I don't go to NorCal Regionals I'm probably going to this.
  5. Adam

    Adam Noice bruv, innit.

    I'll be there. Think I'll actually try to playtest a little for this one.
  6. TTSky

    TTSky Jingle, Jingle

    armaldo1 we're going to this somehow, right?
  7. armaldo1

    armaldo1 In unappealing love with bleak

    We're gonna find a ride or bribe someone with our bodies for hitchhiking purposes, yes.
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  8. SoldiersSpirit

    SoldiersSpirit I will defend my Kingdom.

    ^If you guys were on the way you could ride with me :)

    I'll be going, from MD. Maybe you can edit the OP to reflect what members are going o_O?
  9. daGlaceon

    daGlaceon Still Can't See

    I'm going too with my brother.
  10. MVTK

    MVTK Tech M9me

    Coming down from CT for this. Hoping to do well, but gotta get a better view of the metagame before I make a decision.
  11. tonenkyra

    tonenkyra Squirtle Squad!

    I will most likely be going. Philly is like 45 min drive for me. im going to see f I could get off for Saturday but sunday will be no problem! would like to meet some or all of you there!! :)
  12. PallyPander

    PallyPander Member

    i should be there![DOUBLEPOST=1377614301][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Adam, can you do Dice Challenges???
  13. newbie02

    newbie02 Member

    I will be there with my son Spencer, my son can't wait to see what challenges you give him to get dice Adam. It still feels like we just go home from worlds, and a new season is fast approaching already.
  14. Salamencetrainer34

    Salamencetrainer34 An ogre-achiever

    I may go, but school may slow me down.
  15. Yesyesyes please do Dice challenges Adam. :D
  16. Adam

    Adam Noice bruv, innit.

    I'll have to think of some new challenges, but yes I will be bringing dice!
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  17. SoldiersSpirit

    SoldiersSpirit I will defend my Kingdom.

    You might even need to bring your tennis equipment lol :p
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  18. PallyPander

    PallyPander Member

    Orrin Jimmy and I are ready!
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  19. tonenkyra

    tonenkyra Squirtle Squad!

    cool! this will be a first time dice challenge for myself! lol
  20. Salamencetrainer34

    Salamencetrainer34 An ogre-achiever

    Whats this 'dice challenge'?