Plasma Deck after Prism rotated.

Discussion in 'Deck Help & Development' started by dewiktor, Aug 2, 2014.

  1. dewiktor

    dewiktor New Member

    Hmm how to build now line of Energy ?
    I am thinking about main attacker Lugia and Kyurem .

    Any ideas how to improve this decklist ?

    3Deoxys EXPF 111
    3KyuremPF 31
    2Lugia EXLT 102
    2Thundurus EXPF 110

    4Professor JuniperPF 116
    2ColressPS 135
    4NNV 101
    2SkylaBC 149
    4Hypnotoxic LaserPS 123
    3Colress MachinePS 119
    1Team Plasma BallPF 105
    2Ultra BallPF 122
    1Virbank City GymPS 126
    2LysandreFF 90
    3BicyclePS 117
    1Scramble SwitchPS 129
    1Pal PadFF 92
    3Escape RopePS 120
    3Muscle BandXY 121
    1Professor's LetterXY 123

    4Plasma EnergyPF 106
    4Rainbow EnergyXY 131
    2Lightning EnergyXY 135
    3Water EnergyBW 107
  2. Professor_N

    Professor_N Well-Known Member

    I think the best way to run Plasma after Prism and Blend is gone is with Basic Energy, mainly Water. Or if you're playing Lugia DCE and Plasmas are fine.
  3. dewiktor

    dewiktor New Member

    hmm 2 lighting will be good ? I am threaten about hammers. Hmm also i was thinking about running also 1 frozen city
  4. I ran Frozen City when I had this deck, and it worked nicely against Blastoise. And as for Lightning Energy, come September they won't be necessary at all if you run Rainbow- Enhanced Hammer goes out of format.