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    Hello Addzzmonster here and I'm here to give my view about plasma in the current format.
    To start off I am going to give you the deck list of my plasma and how It fits in fits the current format. Hope you enjoy :D

    My decklist

    3 Kyurem PLF 31
    2 ThundUrus EX PLF 110
    4 Deoxys ex PLFN 111
    1 Keldeo ex PR BW61
    1 Genesect ex PLB 11
    1 Leafeon PLF 11
    2 Umbreon PLF 64
    3 Eevee PLF 90

    3 Float stone PLF 99
    3 Silver bangle PLB 88
    1 Scramble switch PLS 129
    2 Frozen city PLF 100
    2 Max potion EPO 94
    3 Silver bangle PLB 88
    1 Ultra ball DEX 102
    3 Plasma ball PLF 105
    2 Tool scrapper DRX 116
    3 Colress machine 119 PLS
    2 Colress PLF 118
    3 N NBV 92
    2 Skyla BCR 134
    4 Professor Juniper

    4 blend W,F,M,L BCR 118
    4 plasma PLS 127
    4 Prism NXD 93

    The necessities

    These are the cards that makes plasma plasma.
    without most of these cards,it wouldn't be called plasma,what I have here is a very simple build of plasma
    The necessities: Now,I shall admit that am a bit of an 'article noob' and shall just give you a quick answer-all the trainers,kyurem,deoxys ex,thundurus ex,keldeo ex and all the energys.

    The 'add-ons'


    I think the eeveelutions is what makes the deck special
    leafeon can deal with keldeo/blastiose and decks like mine that just run 1 like mine.It also helps against genesect/virizion,virizion/mewtwo and sometimes rayboar.its just that sometimes frozen city is not enough and you just need that tiny extra 'add-on'.
    the umbreon i find very interesting as not many people valued it at first.I just find that extra 20 HP amazing.What i also like about it is if you find eviolite or giant cape you can survive a BKEX!

    this shall only be a quick paragraph explaining what it does:basically it is a catcher replacment.all it is.I suppose it may be good with porygon.

    Anyway,after this long ramble,this has finally come to a end so,bye!

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    The article was waaay too short. You should add on more of stuff like background information of why you think the old TDK isn't that good anymore, why you think you have a good idea of the new Plasma, more of why your Eeveelutions work, and stuff like that. There is also a lot of spelling and grammar errors in this article that you may want to proof read and take out.
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    Ok I'm a new player and so articles like this are really useful to help me to understand the game but I've got to be honest this article has just plain confused me. I agree with JGames with this being way too short etc but there are also some other things I'm left wondering about.

    Why no Mr Mime? I thought that was pretty standard now for bench protection; I can see that you are short on bench space but surely you need to protect against sniping?

    That leads to another question about bench management - how do you keep streaming attackers? I'm assuming that you'll have 1 Umbreon, 1 Deoxys , Keldeo and Genesect down all the time so that doesn't leave that much room at all. If you put down Thundurus to retrieve/attach special energy out of the discard pile due Ultra Ball or an opponent using Enhanced Hammer that's even less room.

    How well does this deck match up against other decks that are resulting from Catcher being changed?

    If Leafeon is needed against Blastoise, why no way of getting it out of the discard once it is KO'd?

    Why no switch? If Keldeo is prized or Garbotoxin is active, won't you have a poke stuck in the active spot as Red Signal won't be usable and tool scrappers only go so far?

    Also why 6 Silver Bangle?
  4. Wrags23

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    Mr. Mime isn't too common in Plasma.
  5. Konowa28

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    In that case wouldn't it be worth including a Tech Section with other options like Mr Mime, Spiritomb, choice of ACE SPEC and special vs basic energies then? I wasn't aware that Mr Mime wasn't common in Plasma as I don't think I've seen anything written about why not but with sniping from Darkrai, Plasma or Big Basics decks used to bring the benched pokes into KO range isn't that worth discussing especially seeing as the article is covering the current format where benched pokes are a lot safer?

    Sorry if this takes this thread off topic but I'm just asking as I would be interested in the answer even if it ended up not being included in the final article. Call it new player curiosity if you like.
  6. addzzmonster

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    6 silver bangle?I dont think I mentioned that[DOUBLEPOST=1388321590][/DOUBLEPOST]And im sorry if the article is way to short.I ran out of time and I shall be posting a updated one soon[DOUBLEPOST=1388321639][/DOUBLEPOST]and I shall be adding a tech section[DOUBLEPOST=1388321715][/DOUBLEPOST]float stone is the switch
  7. Wrags23

    Wrags23 Feeling... rogue.

    In your list you have Silver Bangle written twice, probably just a typo.[DOUBLEPOST=1388324769][/DOUBLEPOST]
    the simple answer to the Mime question is Bench space. If you have ever played Plasma you know that the Bench is filled up pretty fast with Deoxys EX. Same goes for Spiritomb.
  8. ninjapikachu

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    No offence, but yeah, it looks like you need to give a bit more explanation of how cards in deck lists fit together, strategy, synergy, and stuff like that.
    Good start though, I await the final version with interest!
  9. jeffrey3421

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    Not exactly a paragraph. Also, when you state, 'good with porygon' could you explain what porygon does? As a more obscure card, many readers may struggle to know what porygon does, and how it synergizes with Genesect. Currently, the only porygon in format is PLB72, which I fail to see how it has any synergy at all with Genesect EX, its only attack being Tackle for 10. Other porygons may work with Genesect EX, but those ones are not legal in the current modified format.
  10. SoldiersSpirit

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    Porygon-Z it probably what he's talking about with moving plasma energy around. Still, goes to show you something else wrong with the vague writing.
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