Tier 3 PlasmaKlang - Klinklang PLS, Cobalion-EX

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  1. Professor_N

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    It's not only you. This deck is definitely playable. Most people will be playing something non-ex that can hit your Pokemon though (Reshiram/Delphox, Snorlax, Bouffalant, etc).
  2. themiraclemeat

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    What if you could pull off a 6 corners deck with Ho-oh and energy switches and use FairyBox to preform the Klinklang-energy shifting function?
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  3. Professor_N

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    Ho Oh can only get 1 of each energy type out of the discard so Aromatisse would only be able to move one of the energy Ho Oh recovers. I don't see it being that great, but it wouldn't be bad. I think the best way to play it would simply be with Cobalion EX and Klinklang, as well as Aromatisse for being able to Max Potion when your opponent is using a non-EX.
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  4. themiraclemeat

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    That's what the energy switches are for, to recover the other energy Ho Oh brings into the game.
  5. Professor_N

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    Yeah, but you can only do that 4 times. And if you are running a Ho-Oh deck why not just play it without Aromatisse and play it like it used to be played with things like Mewtwo (probably Yveltal now) and Terrakion?
  6. themiraclemeat

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  7. Professor_N

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    That deck is a simple FairyBox deck. Your talking about having Ho-Oh EX in the deck and it just doesn't work the same way.
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  8. SamSoldier

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    Played Klinklang/Aromatisse today (Aromaklang, as I like to call) at league and went 4-0-0 (first place :)). Played against 2 Blastoises, 1 Darkrai/Yvetal and 1 Ho-Oh/Suicune/Terrakion. The deck worked really well (Better than I thought it would) and I think it has a decent potential in the rigth meta. If anyone is interested, here is the list that I am using (Updated after the tourney).

    Pokemons - 19
    3 - Cobalion Ex
    3 - Kling
    1 - Klang
    3 - Klinklang
    2 - Spritzee
    2 - Aromatisse
    1 - Virizion Ex
    1 - Darkrai Ex
    1 - Victini Ex
    1 - Suicune
    1 - Spiritomb
    Supporters - 14
    4 - N
    4 - Juniper
    3 - Skyla
    2 - Colress
    1 - Tropical Beach
    Itens - 15
    4 - Ultra Ball
    1 - Level Ball
    3 - Rare Candy
    3 - Max Potion
    2 - Tool Scrapper
    1 - Super Rod
    1 - Dowsing Machine
    Energy - 12
    4 - Rainbow
    4 - Prism
    3 - Fairy
    1 - Metal
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  9. Professor_N

    Professor_N Well-Known Member

    The cool thing about it is that it is even great against stuff like Bouffalant that so many people are playing right now, it can't OHKO Cobalion even with Laser and you can OHKO them because Steel Bullet goes through everything. I think this deck is good.
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  10. aaphom

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    i saw this deck in action at the texas states and the guy sitting next to me ran registeel ex. he was doing fairly well seeing how he was at the top tables with me. i am actually interested in more sample deck lists for aromatisse/klinklang, would you go just cobalion ex and other steel types or have sort of a mix between steel and other types for more of a toolbox feel?

    i was thinking running thundurus ex so you can accelerate the rainbow energies onto klinklang since it's plasma and aromatisse can just move it around, just be careful not to put prism energies on it.
  11. Professor_N

    Professor_N Well-Known Member

    That's not a bad idea. Could be useful late game vs. non-EX decks. I think this deck should at least run some things that can deal with at least the most popular non-EXs. Keep in mind that Suicune and Sigilyph aren't a problem because Steel Bullet goes through everything, though.
  12. aaphom

    aaphom New Member

    the guy who sat next to me with the aroma/klang build actually went on to win the whole thing and here is his deck list

  13. SamSoldier

    SamSoldier Don't know what to put here D:

    Happy to see AromaKlang doing well :)
  14. Professor_N

    Professor_N Well-Known Member

    I've been meaning to get around to building this deck. Nice to see it doing well, maybe it will give me incentive to finally build it.
  15. Tax_collecter

    Tax_collecter Active Member

    Huh, even though I understand the reasoning behind the Skarmory, I would not even think
    of playing it, In my build, I use 3 Cobalion, 1 Registeel, and I Jirachi for steel types.
  16. TheMantyke

    TheMantyke CharXzone EX

    Ended up fighting one of these decks on ptcgo and was really impressed with how much trouble it game me. Ended up having to cheese my way past it by continuously junk hunting my one Enhanced Hammer over and over again. The way Triple Laser + Muscle Band Tailspin Piledriver work with one another to snag the KO on 170 HP Pokemon EX was pretty intimidating to play against, on top of it being so neat to see working.
  17. Professor_N

    Professor_N Well-Known Member

    This deck gets destroyed by any Plasma deck that runs 1-2 Kyurem PLF. Well pretty much any deck that runs non-EXs that can attack quickly.
  18. DarthNick

    DarthNick Brick Specialist

    A baby cobalion makes quick work of Kyurem's. Though I don't know whether or not Kyurem's are enough of a threat to tech Cobalion in. Though sometimes that second attack of his really throws off your opponent.
  19. BoyMac

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    I made a fun anti-meta deck that has won me nearly every game I play online as well as games at my LGS. It works around using Klinklang to prevent my metal Pokemon from being damaged by EX's and transferring energy around to Max Potion if needed. The only cards the deck struggles with is Empoleon and G Booster but Skarmory EX can knock that off.

    Pokemon: 18

    2-2-2 Klinklang
    2-2 Aromatisse
    1 Darkrai EX
    1 Virizion EX
    1 Registeel EX
    2 Skarmory EX
    3 Cobalion EX

    Trainers: 30

    2 Colress
    2 N
    2 Skyla
    3 Shauna
    4 Professor Juniper

    1 Super Rod
    1 Dowsing Machine
    1 Tool Scrapper
    3 Ultra Ball
    3 Level Ball
    2 Heavy Ball
    4 Max Potion

    Energy: 12

    4 Fairy Energy
    4 Prism Energy
    4 Rainbow Energy

    The Darkrai is mainly for free retreat but I occasionally use it as an attacker if the situation needs it. Darkai is easier to keep in play than Fairy Garden. Virizion is in the deck for LaserBank and Accelgor shenanigans and Registeel is used if they keep retreating the Pokemon I damage. Everything in the deck requires 2 attacks to KO EX's. One of the nice things is that because Skarmory EX sees so little play people don't realize it does 80//120 so they only expect 160 damage rather than the 200 in 2 attacks. Cobalion deals with safeguard and Bouffalant so I don't have to worry too much about being locked. It's a really fun deck to play but it can really annoy your opponents.
  20. JStensrud

    JStensrud Never give up, Never surrender

    This deck won Texas states, actually.
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