Tier 3 PlasmaKlang - Klinklang PLS, Cobalion-EX

Discussion in 'Competitive Deck Discussion' started by Serperior, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. KPiplup

    KPiplup An Imposter

    It won't be a return; BW-on will be a second format.

    Either way, the fact that Pyroar now exists and that Eel will able to tech just about anything it wants severely dampens the ability of this deck to function, even in BW-on.
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  2. Cobalt314

    Cobalt314 Cybernetic Superconductor

    Steel Bullet + Muscle Band OHKOes all Pyroar, not to mention there are 2 backup Stage 2 attackers.
  3. KPiplup

    KPiplup An Imposter

    I mean, yes, but my point was more that Pyroar OHKO's everything in your deck...
  4. Cobalt314

    Cobalt314 Cybernetic Superconductor

    That is true, but I'm just saying it's not a total autoloss.
  5. OshaWaterBottle

    OshaWaterBottle Active Member

    Nope Giant Cape.
  6. Cobalt314

    Cobalt314 Cybernetic Superconductor

    I know that, but I don't think that Pyroar would want to run Giant Cape over Hard Charm/Eviolite just to avoid the Steel Bullet OHKO.
  7. Ziggmiceter

    Ziggmiceter Ultimate 6P tournament procrastinator

    Yeah, with all considered, even with BW back this deck is mediocre at best or a meta call.
  8. Salamencetrainer34

    Salamencetrainer34 An ogre-achiever

    Steel bullet goes through all effects such as giant cape or eviolite. It does straight up 100 (120 with band) damage, no exceptions.
  9. KPiplup

    KPiplup An Imposter

    Mhmm, but Giant Cape gives extra HP. HP isn't an effect.

    It deals 100 damage, but that's not enough to KO a 120 HP Pokemon.
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  10. kbs021

    kbs021 Member

    I remember this deck last year around states being very good. One problem it had was energy acceleration and gaining back energy once it lost it. I feel Milotic could be very decent in this deck. You can use the ability to get back some basic metal and put it on a klang to move it on a cobalion ex or something like that.
  11. Professor_N

    Professor_N Well-Known Member

    That's a good idea. As long as your Feebas and Milotic don't get Gusted into the active spot it could work out nicely.
  12. Phoenix15

    Phoenix15 I Flew Into a Burning Ring Of Fire...

    What about having a shift gear klang/ Keldeo/ aegislash deck? It would be like Aromatisse, but with the right energy type? Also, do you think there is any hope for a Klinklang in the new standard format?