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Discussion in 'Online Play' started by Gerto, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. Gerto

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    Hey Guys,

    I am Gerto if none of you know, aslo known as Hamilation on YouTube. I just thought of the best way to practice because if you read my last post, where to play, play by post!! Go search it up if you don't know what that is, but instead of doing play by post, i think that it would be better to do video responses on youtube. It wouold be great if you guys could help me out!! if you think that this is a good idea, then send me a message on YouTube saying "I have read your post on sixprizes and i would like to play with you." I will be playing multiple games at once nad i think that this will be a blast. If you really want to do this properly, then you will have to follow all of these rules:

    1. Only do one video
    2. do not constantly change your deck while we play
    3. send me all the cards in your deck so i make sure you don't cheat and i will send you mine
    4. You can take your time if you want, i don't mind because i will probably be thinking through all of my moves as well
    5. Have Fun!!
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    Please stop putting non-deck-related threads under Deck Discussion. Nobody would care if you make multiple threads, but we do have other subforums for these things. Moved to Online Play Discussion because (I think) this is where this goes.

    Now, if you want my opinion on the thread, there really are better methods for this and I definitely wouldn't call this the best. If you want pure testing, the last thing you want is for your opponent to know your list, because it takes away all safe playing. Example, "I could be really careful about playing so many Energy on Roserade, but I won't because I know that his Durant doesn't play Rainbow Energy for Rotom to attack." Real matches are under a time limit so that removes the pressure from real-time play (this is a bad thing), and if the match takes place over a couple of days (Youtube is obnoxious to fight with sometimes), not everybody can guarantee that the cards can stay safe and unmoved for any length of time.

    Not to say that nobody will bite, but I just want to let you know why you probably don't have your inbox flooded with serious players looking for legit testing.

    If you want video play with physical cards, Skype is the most common and is already considered the best. We should have a thread around here for setting up Skype matches with other people, and if you don't want to give away your email, then it's easy enough to create a dummy email only for Pokemon. For something easier which you don't even need cards for, several people here use Redshark and PlayTCG, and I think there's another program called Apprentice.
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    thanks, i didn't realise there was a thread for online play.i just started to post things about my deck here to get help and i just stuck with here. i will check out the skype play. I really want a way to practice but i couldn't find out how. i have other friends that play pokemon except i don't think that they have skype.

    I appriciate your help,