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    Hi everyone. A couple of days ago I noticed that the preferences in my son's play pokemon account were not set on "Yes" for participating in all Play Pokemon Programs. In my attempt to change this, he somehow got opted out of rankings and I have not been able to opt him back in. He only needed 45 more championship points for his world's invite and we're concerned now that those points have disappeared. Does anyone know what we need to do to correct this? I've attempted multiple times to set the preference to "Yes" for participating in all programs on his play pokemon settings page, but it doesn't work. The interesting thing is that he was previously opted into rankings even though the preference was set to "no" for participating. This is all very confusing and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Jeff
  2. KPiplup

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    Attempting to make the changes through the parent account linked with his account should yield better results. If for some reason this is what you've been doing, support is your only option.
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    Thanks. I'll contact customer support and wait patiently. In the meantime, do you or anyone else know if one's championship points are still "in the system" even if they are not opted into rankings? Also, can one still earn championship points at premiere events if they are not opted into rankings. Thanks in advance for your help. Jeff
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    They're still logged. I'm not certain on whether or not they can still be accrued.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks again for your help. It's reassuring to know that our points are still there. Let's just hope everything gets straightened out before the first weekend of states. Jetf