Poison Lock

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  1. TorkoalJustice

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    Yes I know it's a little early to start making deck ideas for the new set, but I was bored, so here is what I threw together

    Pokemon - 20

    2-1-2 Gardevoir (psychic mirage)
    2 Toxicroak EX
    2 Gengar EX
    1 M Gengar EX
    2-2-2 Crobat (phantom gate)
    2-2 Dragalge

    Items - 30

    2 Dimensional Valley
    2 Virbank
    4 Hypno Laser
    4 Evosoda
    2 Ultra Ball
    1 Dowsing Machine
    1 Tool Scrapper
    3 Super Scoop-Up
    2 Skyla
    1 AZ
    2 Colress
    3 N
    3 Juniper

    Energy - 10
    4 DCE
    4 Psychic
    2 Mystery Energy

    So the point of this is deal out damage with Crobat and Gengar, while Gengar and Toxicroak will posion your opponent, and use Dragalge to keep them from retreating.

    Let me know what you all think! I would appreciate the feedback thanks
  2. Phoenix15

    Phoenix15 I Flew Into a Burning Ring Of Fire...

    What about Dusknoir BDC? It would be good with the new Crobat and keeping helpless actives alive and spreading damage
  3. stmlacek1

    stmlacek1 rouge specialist

    the plasma crobat could be good since you are already running the line to add an extra draw
    also i have tried running 2 stadiums in a deck it just dose not work pick 1 or the other
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  4. yoyos

    yoyos delicious hot potatos

    I would at least put plasma snorlax in here as an alternative option and tank to setup the mega.
  5. TorkoalJustice

    TorkoalJustice New Member

    I never thought of putting Dusknoir in here. Add a 1-0-1 line maybe?

    Which stadium do you think I should go with then? Virbank will dish out the extra damage but with Dimensional valley all the pokemon can be powered up with 1 energy because of Gardevoir

    I'm not sure how well Mega Gengar will play out yet. I like his attack, but he is just a kind of back up at the moment
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  6. yoyos

    yoyos delicious hot potatos

    By personal definition (and through testing), gengarEX, plasma badge, colress machine, and dimension valley are fairly broken, even if you evolve the mega with no energy attached I can next turn do whatever I feel like. Gengar/snorlax then again can still be done w/o the mega is fairly good, replaces palkiaEX by creating more dmg w/o wasting lasers.

    I tend to test things that I liked from the past, and gengar is one of those things (amazing in 09, 10 as a filter and lostgar in 11).
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