Poke-Bank and its Fees

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    Info from Bulbapedia

    Something interesting about the Poke-Bank fees.

    If we convert the currency to $ you can see a huge difference in what people have to pay in different countries

    US - $4.99
    UK - £4.99 = $8.04 US
    EU - 4.49 Euro = $6.06 US
    AUS - $6.50 - $6.10 US
    NZ - $8.50 = $7.09 US
    JPN - 500 Yen = $5 US
    South Korea - 7,000 won = $6.63

    In conclusion, there had better not be any whiney Americans complaining about the cost of Poke-Bank.
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    Not to mention the 30 day free trial for those who claim $5 software on a $150-$200 system for a $40 game is simply too much
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    I'm def. not. Pokebank is fine at anything less than $10, and I'll gladly pay it to support the system.
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    Seven thousand won over in korea (I think) that is like 8.40$
  5. You know people will complain, simply because it was free before. -_-
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    $6.63. I'll add it to the list.

    Hope none of your waifus mind.
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    Your assumption is that the service is worth the cost. If someone does not believe the service is worth the expense, or that it being farmed out from the main game's price/features sets a negative precedent, they have a legitimate concern or complaint e.g. aren't "whining".

    I won't be using the service... because I won't be buying the game. I see no problem with making such a service a separate feature myself, though consumers need to be mindful of such practices. Based on past experience with the series, the fee seems reasonable for the service, and a subscription option makes it more likely that the service won't arbitrarily terminate because of unsustainable costs.

    Now, if it had been overpriced but Americans were still getting the best deal... that would just mean that non-Americans should also be complaining. Imagine how many things our governments could justify by saying "Hey, do you see the citizens of North Korea complaining when their leader does something twice as bad as what I just did? You're all a bunch of whiners!" XD
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