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  1. ThePirateKingAtomsk

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    Due to be released in the upcoming Flashfire set.
    Seems like a solid, consistent search in anything that can draw outside of a supporter and as well as stage 1/2 engine driven decks- but how do we get it function while giving up our supporter for the turn?

    This card screams to the 1 of techs that decks like Aromatechs love to play- but so brings the issue of how do still make the best of your turn?

    I'm very curious as to what decks people think can play this, why it's beneficial to them and how would they build to make the most of it.
  2. Otaku

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    Historically, this kind of effect wasn't bad; it isn't so much a matter of having an alternative form of draw power as making sure that when you use a Supporter to snag two Basic Pokémon, that's the last thing you need. In most decks, you're drawing to get specific cards (or at least cards that meet specific needs), and not just drawing cards for the sake of drawing cards.

    The big difference between "then" and "now" is that we don't have some irritating trick like Uxie (the one that let you draw cards when you Benched it) so that you could use a Supporter to essentially get solid draw plus a search for the other Pokémon you really wanted at that moment, plus the raw power of the draw cards we have right now. The latter is what I suspect will really matter, as with this coming set all decks will have two or three Items they can at least consider running for additional draw power.

    With cards like Colress, N, and Professor Juniper/Professor Sycamore the trade off (as compared to the past) is a bit different, plus we've got Ultra Ball (and to a lesser extent Heavy Ball and Level Ball). In short we've already got powerful draw Supporters coupled with powerful search Items which means it may be easier and/or more effective to get your combination of draw plus search the way we've been doing it.
  3. baby_mario

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    When you are so utterly reliant on Supporters as your only source of draw, most players look for alternatives when it comes to search.

    This is why even Eels decks that wanted multiple T1 Tynamo came to prefer the flippiness of Dual Ball over Pokemon Collector.

    I suspect that most people will stick with Level/Ultra Ball.
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  4. HEZ

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    So much rage... they're ruined a perfectly good and unique old card -____-
    This new card could easily have had a new name, such as "Pokefan Family" which it clearly depicts... (faint hope for English name-change!)

    It will probably see some play in Standard, but like the previous people have said, draw Supporters and search Items are so powerful at the moment that playing a Supporter to search might not be worth it.
    Elsewhere you've got strictly better cards like Pokemon Collector.
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  5. Professor_N

    Professor_N Well-Known Member

    How was putting Pokemon from the deck directly to the Bench in any way shape or form better than putting them in the hand? I don't see how they ruined the old card...
  6. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care

    In Unlimited you could Impersonate with Sableye SF and get the Pokemon benched. Avoids donks and they can be evolved next turn.

    They still have Call Energy for that though, and it isn't an attack so it can be used on the first turn of the game.
  7. HEZ

    HEZ Active Member

    It's just totally unnecessary to rewrite old cards when you can make new ones. In Standard it's only going to create confusion when someone uses the old version.

    Sableye Fan Club was quite important in Unlimited 150 because it's a starter Pokemon that isn't useless late game. You need plenty of starters so you can survive the first few turns without getting donked or Red Carded but you don't want to be drawing loads of useless Pokemon late game... Sableye Fan Club filled that niche perfectly!
  8. Professor_N

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    It's never caused confusing before. If someone uses the old Super Rod, no one is like "what are you doing, it doesn't say that." They know what it does, as will people with Pokemon Fan Club.

    The Unlimited reasons are very valid though.
  9. Otaku

    Otaku Well-Known Member

    Never say never; it certainly has been an issue with past similar cards. Odds are you've just never encountered the people who have been confused by things like Super Rod (and its extensive change).
  10. Professor_N

    Professor_N Well-Known Member

    The only time someone was like "what did you just do that for?" in a match with me was with Potion, healing 30 instead of 20. So in my own experience no one that I play against doesn't know what current cards do.
  11. MaverickNate

    MaverickNate Active Member

    I've had a lot of people confused initially with Catcher, as the older ones are most prevalent.
  12. ThePirateKingAtomsk

    ThePirateKingAtomsk Red Haze Stalker

    Yes, Catcher will become more of an issue in the future because they simply errata'd the card in a structure and not a set. I'm sure XY brought a lot of new players.

    back to the subject of PFC- Now with something like Flame Torch afoot, is their a possibility that a fire deck can see usage? It however clashes with Blacksmith so I suppose not.

    I have suspensions of how Skrelp will come to help Trevenant and ironically enough- we got a full supporter set that disregards everything in that deck in Flashfire. But again- they clash with your necessary catch up plays as they are supporters. I can only hope a claydol like card is on the horizon.