Pokemon tactics VI

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    Thanks! Can't wait to see it!
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    STOP WITH THE MALE COMPARISONS! Jeeeeeez. You're perfect the way you are. Size doesn't matter!(Or so I tell myself)
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    Two types of people.
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    Previously on Goomy's Log:

    "Goomy, use Protect on Celebi!"

    Ho-Oh was burning down Azalea Town and the nearby forest, and my Master and I were put in charge of stopping him, along with saving Celebi, the other forest Pokemon, and the citizens of Azalea. Our mission was successful
    , but my Master seems to be growing distrustful of me...

    "But Goomy was a little... unresponsive. I'm not sure what to do."

    Goomy's Log: Entry #2

    So, even though I was a bit miffed at my Master for calling me "unresponsive" at our last mission, I gotta hand it to him; this vacation at Dewford Town was a great idea. We have a nice hotel room -- there's even a pool out back! -- there are plenty of great restaurants, and, overall, the experience is just really cool. On top of all that, I've got a hot date tonight. :D

    While my Master was talking to some friends, I got ready to go to dinner with Delilah. Delilah is a beautiful Goomy I met as we arrived at Dewford. We met up at the Pokéfood Boutique -- Bar & Grill. Honestly, the greatest food I've ever eaten. 10/10, would definitely recommend.

    While we were waiting for the cake to arrive, I was talking to Delilah. But just as our waiter, John the Prinplup, was bringing the cake, my Master yelled for me.

    "GOOMY, WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!" Of course, I didn't want to go anywhere. I was spending quality time with Delilah, and was about to eat cake. I mean, what could be better?

    "GooooooooooMYYYYYYY!!!" he yelled again.

    Ugh, fine. Delilah, please excuse me for a moment. Stay right here, I'll be back soon.

    As I arrive to the scene, I see Latias and Latios charging down at our hotel, and with a Thunder from Latios and a Draco Meteor from Latias, the building was demolished. And with that, I knew we were in for one hell of a fight.

    "Goomy, use Double Team!" I could immediately see what sort of strategy my Master was going for. By using Double Team and having all the doubles use an attack at the same time, we could easily take down the duo.

    Unfortunately, Latios saw right through our plan and used Earthquake, destroying all my doubles, as well as hurting me.


    "Goomy, hit them with a Rock Slide! Then, use Double Team!" I do my best to create the strongest Rock Slide I can and, sure enough, it works. Though by no means did it take out the two dragons, it trapped them long enough for me to use Double Team without any problem.

    "Now, Goomies! Use Draco Meteor!" As me and my doubles leap up, I turn to see Delilah no longer sitting at our table. A bite taken out of the cake, she was nowhere to be seen.

    "GOOOOOOMY, NOW!!!!!"

    My doubles and I use Draco Meteor on the Eon Duo, and due to their Dragon-type Weakness, they faint.

    While my Master takes care of them, I search for Delilah.

    Deliiiiilah, where are you??? Oh, there you are!

    I see Delilah off by the side of another building.

    Delilah! Come back!

    She doesn't hear me. Then, I see her turn into a Ditto, then into a Hitmonchan, and walk away.

    Heartbroken, I sit down. How? Why? Why me? I have so many questions.

    "Goomy, buddy, where are ya?" my Master calls. I suppose I should go along with him. However, I just can't seem to move. My heart is torn in pieces. How could she have done this to me?

    "There ya are, Goomy. You did great today," my Master says. Thanks. I'm glad someone here appreciates me.

    And from that moment on, I swore that every Ditto shall become the enemy. My Master wants me to defeat a Groudon or something? Nope. There's a Ditto, right there, and Dittos take priority.

    As we leave Dewford, I hold my head up high. I will get my revenge on Delilah. Whatever the cost.

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    i may or may not be turning my entries into a cheesy pokemon sitcom...
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    I would have no complaint if you did really? really?

    Its fine, I find it hillarious
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    Ten characters
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    I thought that Prinplup looked more like a Bob.

    But thats just my opinion...
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    It was an absolutely georgious day outside. Beautifly and I had just bought some delicious delacicies from the merchants at the docks. I had an exotic sandwich with a strange meat called "chicken" in it, but it tasted amazing, and a slice of Combee-Honey cake. Beautifly had some Sweet 'n Spicy Poffins and a box of Brock's Candied Pokemon Desserts. I had just finished my sandwich when the stupid Xtranseiver started to emit an annoying duck call, which meant non other than Red was calling. I stared blankly at it, debating if I should pick up. I was on vacation after all, and with the Ho-Oh incident it was greatly deserved... Ah what the heck. It shouldn't be something too challenging. Probably just have to get a lost Kingler back to its trainer.
    "Hello, mate!" I said in a cheerful British accent as I answered the call.
    "The Eon Duo are wreaking havoc in Dewford. Get the citizens out of there and take them down."
    "Whoa whoa whoa hold your horses. I just took down Ho-Oh barely three days ago! I'm supposed to be on vacation!"
    "Well I'm sorry. You're the only one of us that's close enough to help. Now get to it!" Barked Red, and the signal cut off. I put my cake on the ground and muttered a few choice words.
    "Alright, Beautifly, the Lati Twins are terrorizing Dewford. Let's go..." I said glumly.
    "I know, I know, we're supposed to be on vacation. But we have to save the people! Maybe we'll get an extension though..."
    Just then, a loud crash reverberates through the trees, and it seemed to originate from Dewford!
    "Alright, Beautufly. We need to act. We can't take them on in the city with all the people there, and evacyuation will take too long, so let's draw out the Eon Duo! But first- Minimize, then use String Shot to make a huge web through the surrounding trees."
    Beautufly got to work immediately. I tried to think about how we would beat the duo. Latios was obviously the biggest threat. Speed didn't really matter seeing as how Beautifky was slower than both; we would have to ow them both down exponentially, which was being worked on.

    Another loud bang, and I winced.

    From there, Latios was the best attacker, so that would need to be dealt with ASAP... But Beautifly didn't have any attack reducing moves, so we would need to make sure that all their attacks missed. Minimize was already in affect, so Flash would be next. And that's exactly how we're gonna get them here...
    A buzz sounded in my ear. I turned to see a much smaller Beautifly waiting on me.
    "Get up high and use Flash, and make it as bright as you can!" Immediately she zipped away, and I curled down, averting my eyes for protection. I saw the light even through my arms and clothes, so I knew the Lati twins would be there any moment, and the trap was set. The buzzing returned, and I looked around for Beautufly as the buzzing increased to a hum, and then to a roar! Two shadow zoomed past, and I did a double take. They were gone as quick as they came! I muttered some more choice words under my breath when everything was suddenly darkened with shade. I looked up as a rain drop hit my nose. Above was a huge roiling mass of clouds that could be nothing other than a storm. The Eon Duo must've used Rain Dance! This wouldn't be pretty... No matter. We still have a major type advantage.
    Then the water started pouring down. In seconds I was drenched from head to toe. I saw through the rain water gathering on the multitude of strings surrounding me, and I knew the web would soon collapse on me with the weight if the water. Then a huge wind picked up, and the trees began to away back and forth ferociously, and.. There were small grains of sand flying through the air as well! Leaves began to catch in the web, twigs fell and blew on the web, which began to sag, and I still didn't know where Beautifly was. The rain had now stopped, but sand started to strip the bark from the trees, and my skin was being torn at by the vicious gravel.
    "Sunny Day!" I screamed through a mouthful of sand, hoping Beautifly could hear me. The sand died down quickly, and the wind dispersed soon after. Harsh rays of sunlight revealed the wreckage the two other weather conditions has wrought. The String Shot was still up, but barely, and a hole was torn through one said. Latios and Latias were nowhere to be found. Beautifly zipped into my vision, and I gave a sigh of relief. She was pretty battered from the sandstorm, though.
    "Morning Sun." I whispered. Immediately, the suns rays seemed to bend around Beautufly, healing most of her HP, and then two loud crashes sounded from behind me! I whipped around, Beautufly at my shoulder, to stare into the faces of the Eon Duo.

    Their eyes were glowing red.[DOUBLEPOST=1401045730][/DOUBLEPOST]^that's just the first part...
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    Ten characters
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    Idk what you mean by a "Bob", but I figured I should try include someone from the Empoleon line in there haha.
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    just another name hat I thought fit Prinplup better.
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    I groaned. I knew that color only meant one thing. The device that Team Rocket and Team Plasma had used was at work yet again. And again, I knew the culprits couldn't be... Oh.

    On the backs of the Latias and Latios were Maxie and Archie, respectively. In their hands they each held a small remote.
    "Hey, I remember this kid! He's the one that stopped me from using Kyogre!" Exclaimed Archie.
    "Yeah, and he stopped me from using Groudon!" Replied Maxie. They both gave me evil glares that turned into blood thirsty smiles.
    "It's time for revenge!" The cried in unison.
    "Beautifly, Protect!" I yelled, anticipating their attacks.
    As a glowing green nimbus of energy surrounds Beautifly and I, a torrent of Meteors engulfed in a lavender flame hammered into it. The Protect cracked, but held. The shower continued for several seconds before finally relenting, and the green energy dissipated. The two evildoer glared again, and I responded with a cheerful grin.
    "My turn. Beautifly, Bug Buzz!" Beautifly zoomed to the fore, and her wings began to increase their speed. The air around them started to vibrate as they got faster and faster, and then a huge wave of sound was blasted towards Latios! Archie lept off, the selfish fool that he was, and didn't think to tell Latios to dodge! The super-effective attack sent Latios sprawling through a dozen trees. Maxie grumbled some nonsensical words, and ordered-
    "Thunderbolt!" My eyes opened wide with fear.
    "Beautifly, Pro-" a huge flash of white-hot lightning struck the ground in front of me. The force of the blast knocked me over, but I only could think about Beautifly! The light faded, and Beautifly was right in front of me, as if nothing had happened, and I remember Minimize! She was still miniature, and it had paid off! Latios was heaving itself up while Maxie was searching for any signs of Beautifly. The blue twins eyes were fading from red to normal and back again, as if it was fighting the effects of the machine, or the machine was out of range, and Maxie was nowhere to be found! I grinned slightly mannicaly.
    "Finish it with Bu g Buzz!" The wave of sound hit the unexpecting Maxie and Latias instantly. Maxie flew back, and Latias' eyes flashed back to normal. Her head darted around, her eyes landing first on me. As she turned to flee from surprise, she caught sight of the struggling Latios and Maxie, who held the now shattered remote. He cursed quietly.
    "We will come back! And next time, you won't win!" He screeched, pointing a crooked finger at Beautifly and I, and he dissapeared into the forest. Latios' eyes finally returned to their normal color permanently, and the twins looked at us with a mix of caution and curiosity. I muttered
    "Hi?" And they freaked out zooming off into the distance, away from the island, for now.

    I gave a sigh of dissapointment. I had been hoping to be able to talk with one of them, honestly... But shoulda woulda coulda. To late now. I contacted Red about what happened.
    "The Twins are gone. I still need to check the damage in Dewford but our battle didn't harm anyone. Archie and Maxie were controlling them with more compact versions of the machine Team Rocket and Team Plasma used. I was able to destroy Madie's, but Archie still has his..."
    "It's all good. I sent Charizard to do some recconasance, and the only damage was an overturned fishing boat and a small fire in the trees on the outskirts of the village. Thank you."
    Before I could ask for an extended vacation, my stuck up leader hung up.

    "At least we still have a few days left. But I swear, I'm not answering if he calls again."
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    YOu know what? I just accidentally deleted my whole entry... After that I'm gonna drop, I don't have enough time to re-write it, good luck to everyone else!