Pokemon tactics VI

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    Still didnt do it. Sigh
    Ok. Fine. Will throw something together in a few.
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    @Redflame Just letting you know that the deadline was yesterday.
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    Rush rush rush. Thats my life. I take a vacation and trouble finds me. I look for trouble, I find it. I don’t look for trouble, it finds me. We seem to be drawn together by some unknown force. I sighed. I’m never going to get a chance to relax.

    The screams from the people of Dewford Town shook me back to reality. No time to mope. We’ve got to do something! “ZUBAT!” I shouted. Zubat flew down towards me. “You’re outmatched and probably overpowered, but we need to protect the people of Dewford Town! Are you with me?”

    Zubat screeched and flew around in circles a few times. I smiled. I can always count on him.

    We ran towards the center of the town where the Eon Duo was wrecking havoc. I thought they were supposed to protect the town. Why are they doing this? It didn’t make sense. My thoughts drifted back to when we defeated Ho-Oh. Ho-Oh was being controlled by Team Rocket…maybe the Eon Duo is the same thing…

    I dodged a piece of a falling building. Wow, they really are making a mess of the place.

    Latios spotted us first and flew at Zubat fast. Upon seeing that it’s opponent was Zubat, Latios used Safeguard and summoned a clear barrier around himself and Latias. Latias continued to destroy the town however, paying no attention to the battle that was about to commence.

    I chuckled. That’s the joy about Zubat. Everyone anticipates poison and protects from it, but what they don’t know is that my Zubat bypasses things like Safeguard.

    “Zubat! Use Payback and make it good!” Zubat flies faster than a bullet at Latios and hits it hard, causing it to recoil. Latias roars, seemingly feeling the pain of its partner. Latias starts to fly over to help out Latios. Seeing this, I told Zubat to quickly use Pursuit before Latias was able to make it over to help. Zubat attacked with full force and Latios plummeted from the sky landing in a nearby pool.

    I jumped with triumph. Wow! He took down Latios without even taking a hit! “WAY TO GO ZUBAT!”

    The overwhelming glee was short lived though, for Latias was not happy at the defeat of its partner. She roared with a rage I had never seen before. Before I could make heads or tails of the situation, Latias opened its mouth and let loose a Dragon Pulse at Zubat. Zubat struggled to maintain altitude.

    “Shake it off buddy! You can do it!” …I hope… I honestly wasn’t sure how Zubat could handle yet another powerful opponent. “ZUBAT! Use Confuse Ray!”

    Zubat emitted a sonic pulse at Latias causing her to reel back. She roared and attacked….a building headfirst. Phew. Confusion can be so annoying but I’m glad it works.

    “Zubat, go for weakness! Use Shadow Ball!” Zubat flew around in circles faster and faster until a shadowy ball formed and launched itself at Latias. Latias recovered from its confusion (crap) and attacked with a Mist Ball. What are we doing? Playing catch? I somehow managed to laugh despite the situation. I’m so corny, I’m hilarious. Zubat did not catch the ball (heh) and got hit full force.

    That snapped my funny bone in half. “ZUBAT!” Zubat fell from the sky and I lunged to catch him. I managed to catch him in my hands and pulled him close. Cmon Zubat, I thought, wake up! “I need you! Everyone in Dewford Town needs you!” Zubat didn’t respond. My eyes watered up. “I can’t do this without you buddy…” my voice trailed.

    Latias circled above screeching with triumph. Tears rolled down my face. How could I have let this happen? I stood up and shouted to the sky “CMON LATIAS! I’M NEXT! FIGHT ME!”

    Latias looked confused at first but then started making its decent. I braced myself. My fists versus Latias. Oh this is just gonna work out swell. I balled my fists and took a fighting stance when suddenly the doors to the museum to my right burst open. Out strolled Team Rocket!

    “GREAT! Just great. You guys again? What is it you’re doing this time?”

    Latias stopped in the air and just hovered looking at Team Rocket with a confused look.

    Jesse and James stopped in their tracks and finally noticed me.

    “Oh look James, a twerp. His weak Zubat was no match for the Eon Duo. I told you using the two of them would be a good idea.”

    James scoffed “Hey! No fair! That was MY idea!”

    “Oh boo hoo, it doesn’t matter. We got what we came for and now we’re leaving. “

    I glared at them as a fiery rage built up inside me, I felt like a fire type myself. “WHAT IS IT YOU GUYS WANTED SO BADLY THAT YOU DESTROYED A TOWN, ENSLAVED TWO BEAUTIFUL POKEMON, AND CAUSED ZUBAT TO BE KNOCKED OUT?! What could you possibly want?”

    Jesse squinted at me “Do we know you? You’re taking this rather personal.”

    I gritted my teeth. “Yessss. You captured a Celebi just a few weeks ago and set the forest on fire with a Ho-Oh! Do you have amnesia or something?”

    “But we never…”

    James shoved a piece of cake into his mouth. “We didn’t want anything. Jesse, we should go.” He hit a button on his watch and *POOF* they were gone. Just like last time.

    Latias shook her head and looked around in confusion. Well, at least she’s back to normal. I cradled Zubat in my arms and walked to the PokeCenter.

    “Maybe one day we will get to the bottom of what they’re up to, but for now you need to rest buddy. Sleep well; I won’t leave your side.”
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    ^praise for snscompt 1 - Congradulations for including the cake cleverly.
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    Haha thanks. Unfortunately it was not my best work. I rushed because I procrasinated.
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    It's ok. I think it is still good! :)
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    @Gelato has 1 day to get the entry in or face elimination
    @snscompt1 starts with 1 vote against him
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    I know, but it's still a bit annoying.
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    @Gelato is eliminated voting round starts now
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    They are all so good I can't decide.[DOUBLEPOST=1401626456][/DOUBLEPOST]Sorry man.
    Vote: TSUNAMI

    I hate having to vote people off...
    Makes me feel guilty...
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    It fine
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    You stole my ideas./sarcasm
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    ^ XD. Sorry 'bout that
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    Oh poo. I need to read a couple stories still(aka: all of them). Will vote tonight.
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    Oh, didn't even realize voting had started.

    Before I disappear for the weekend, let me read up and vote real quick. :p[DOUBLEPOST=1401999017][/DOUBLEPOST]Yeah, I'm afraid I have to


    Kinda confused as to what happened there at the end.
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    Vote Tsunami
    Echoing PP101. Ending was confusing.
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    VOTE: ME
    Looking back on it, my ending was confusing. I was going for the cliche gained respect via battle, but I didn't do a good enough job.