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    Well @Tsunami is eliminated so... New Challenge :D

    Challenge #3

    After your vacation which failed you are sent to a newly discovered island called Pinkstorm island. And this island is home to pink pokemon like Ditto and Clefable. However you are not there for sight seeing oh no because apparently Team Rocket has a Mew in their posession and are going to use it to wipe the island off the map. Your mission is simple save Mew and the island.

    Primary objectives
    Save Mew
    Protect the island

    Secondary objectives
    Protect the inhabitants of the island

    Mew does not use moves that your pokemon is immune to (e.g. no ground moves on flying types)

    You have until the first of July so 3 weeks and 2 days. good luck
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    lol. totally forgot about this...
    i'll start writing Monday
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    forgot this was a thing :p
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    2 days left guys
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    Meh. This site diiiied. Might make something up.
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    Yeah. Me too. I might not make it though, I'm going away.
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    Mine was eaten by the site TEN TIMES. Draft eleven is on its way...[DOUBLEPOST=1404263395][/DOUBLEPOST]Aaaaaaaaaaaand that makes twelve.[DOUBLEPOST=1404264897][/DOUBLEPOST]I looked at the island from my dingy. For a resort island it was rather dull. Especially with the rather ominous clouds looming over it. I rowed into shore without really any regard for secrecy. Team Rocket was probably too preoccupied with Mew to deal with Beautifly and I. I mean, they didn't even have any traps set, which was unlike them, even if they were going to level the whole earth. So I plowed on. The forest was dense. Really dense. And pink. Yeah, the forest was pink. As in cotton candy or pink. It was almost sickening. No wonder it was called Pinkstorm Island. It was made of pink. I think the air was even pink. However, I didn't see a single Pokemon. It was like they all had disappeared. But I kept marching on. I should've taken that as a warning sign, but of course, I never really got into warning signs. But I should've. About ten minutes later I hear a snick and all of a sudden I'm upside down in a net. Of course I am. It's not like I didn't get to go on vacation. Unless you couldn't tell, I was mad. When Red said he was sending us here, I was excited, but then it followed up with to stop Team Rocket and my Xtransceiver was now lying broken in my bag. I seriously hate Red now. He hasn't given me a vacation and I've taken down the likes of Zekrom, Reshiram, Kyurem, White Kyurem, Black Kyurem, Ho-Oh, and many others in the span of a couple of months. Not to mention I've been working non stop for over a year. I mean, with what I've been through, I was almost happy to see the net. It meant I couldn't do anything. I could just sit back and relax and finally get my vacation. I closed my eyes and just fell asleep. I deserved a vacation so I was getting one.

    Some time later I awoke to a huge thunder clap. I was in a clearing, facing a huge metal tower the size of Mt. Coronet. I tried to twist around, but my arms were held fast by ropes tied to wooden pole. And then Beautifly's Pokeball rocked. And again. It started getting faster and faster, until it fell from my belt and on to the ground, where it just happened to hit perfectly to let Beautifly out. Great. Now I had to listen to my conscience.
    "Beau! Beau, Beautifly!" She scolded me rather forcefully for the next five minutes. I couldn't understand her, but I got the gist of it.
    "Okay, well then, get me down from here!"
    She flapped back a ways, and used Razor Leaf. She didn't exactly control it and I got a few wacks to the face and other sensitive areas.
    "Okay, okay, I get it..." I went to take a step and my legs just crumpled. I groaned as the blood began to flow back through them after being tied at the waste. I tried to stand up, and managed to stay on my feet. I took another step with a bit more success. I managed to lunge slightly forward. I tried a third time and managed a full step. Good. I looked at the ominous tower.
    "You know what, I'm done with this. Just get it over with and use Hyper Beam to blow it up. Mew is Mew, it should be fine."
    "Beau!" She said defiantly.
    "Fine. We'll be nice. Let's just blow a hole in the side so we don't have to go around. And it should scare them."
    "Beau, Beau!" She sent a Silver Wind straight at the tower, which crumpled a section in. Then she proceeded to use Tackle and take out the door, scaring some very unlucky members of Team Rocket.
    I stepped in rather casually.
    "Alright, knowing Rocket Mew's at the top of this thing. Use Fly, and try to wreak as much havoc as possible."
    --------This is just a place holder so I'll have something in case my work gets eaten again.
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    Every0ne has 2 votes against them meaning one more day to get entries in
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    Well nationals is going on now, so some may not get entries in.
  10. PP101

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    I have a really stupid goomy rap i kinda want to use as my entry (it completes the challenge), but ehhhhhhhh idk
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    Well seeing as no one has an entry in time extended to the 26th of July
  12. Redflame

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    and extended to August the 31st
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    Idk when I can write. I am now back from FL though