Pokemon TCG Philippine National Championships 1st place Senior Division Report

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  1. pkmn

    pkmn that's when I won nats

    Hello guys! I know this is late but it's better than nothing!

    The deck I chose for the tournament was Darkrai Absol Sableye Keldeo. The reason why I chose this deck was that it was very versatile, it had good matchups, and it was the deck I was most familiar with. On to the list!

    3x darkrai
    3x sableye
    2x absol
    1x Keldeo

    4x juniper
    4x n
    4x Bianca
    1x colress

    4x catcher
    4x dark patch
    3x energy switch
    3x ultra ball
    4x laser
    2x virbank
    1x random receiver
    1x comp search
    1x tool scrapper
    2x enhanced
    2x dark claw

    11 darks

    Most are self explanatory. The enhanced was for the TDK matchup. The Biancas were there because i didn't find skyla very good. It would clog sometimes but it was manageable.

    Round 1: Seatiel Paug with RayEels
    I get a mediocre start with absol poking down his Pokemon after I had set up a darkrai I just rolled him. He Dragon blasted once but it was too late.


    Round 2: Jason Alon-Alon with Darkrai Mewtwo Keldeo Boufallant Sableye
    He gets a great start while I start dull he takes a couple of prizes after hitting me with Boufallant and darkrai. I n'ed him to 3 then mounted a comeback due to him whiffing DCE. Well played :)


    Round 3: Enrico Lim with Garbodor
    He misses his supporters in the first few turns. He tries to comeback but I just repeatedly laser and ht his lando for 120 plus poison. It just went downhill.


    Round 4: roger villangca with darkrai
    Don't really remember except I top decked the game winning dark claw from a juniper.


    We then went to Top 2 with my opponent being Enrico Lim! I don't remember a lot from these rounds except that we finished the finals in 21 minutes! Full 3 games. I was really pressured due to my opponent using Garbodor which is really strong against darkrai because of landorus but nonetheless I pulled out the win 2-1 with me winning the final 2 games :D

    It was a very fun day indeed. I made new friends and met old ones too!
    I would like to thank everyone in the Philippine community for supporting me.

    See you all in Vancouver!!!!
  2. WuBMaYNE

    WuBMaYNE You Need More Minerals

    This seems like you had a really favorable lineup of opponents, no TDK, no Blastoise, no straight Big Basics deck, no Gothitelle...... I still love the list, but man it seems you dodged a lot of bullets, if there were any, lol.
  3. pkmn

    pkmn that's when I won nats

    Goth wasn't famous when this happened. Apparently no one had the budget to make TDK in time hahah. I don't mind blastoise since I usually play against it. My brother uses it a lot. The Singaporean guy who was there said we 2 top players have great potential to win in worlds :D i don't know how true his words are.
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  4. rafaelkatsuya

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    You will find out in Vancouver.

    But keep in mind that japanese seniors play in the same age category with masters in Japan. If you see a japanese Senior at worlds that means he may had to beat Top World Class players such as Yuta Komatsuda in order to participate...

    Without wanting to denigrate you Senior National, in most of countries if takes more than 4 games to win the national...
  5. pkmn

    pkmn that's when I won nats

    I know i know we don't have a big community like yours but regular tournaments (leagues) pit out juniors with Masters, and my finals opponent practices A LOT with a strong Master division player. I will try my best though! No matter what people say!
  6. blargh257

    blargh257 Is now Dedede.

    Nice job. Isn't it fun to not lose a round the whole day? :)
  7. pkmn

    pkmn that's when I won nats

    It is. But at the same time I feel I was only lucky