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    Does anyone know how to fix the update loop bug? When I load the program it says it needs to update, then it opens the update window and downloads a small patch. Then it goes back to the "checking for updates" page and repeats the process. I can't access the game.
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    A few random thoughts about Pokemon online.

    I think they should award a coin for any game, including novice/non ranked games. This would result in more even games. Right now, newer players play expert games because they needs the coins to build their collection. I realize this would leave no reward for expert/ranked games, which brings me to my next point.

    I think there should be a ranking system for expert/ranked games. The could use the ELO system currently in place in the real world. Or they can do something similar to Plainswalkers points in Magic. Magic went to this system so that people would not have sub 1600 rankings, which they felt made people feel bad.

    Continuing on the topics of coins, I feel every public trade should cost coins. I know most people would hate this, but keep this in mind. Many people use the public offers to rip off new players or in hopes that someone misclicks. If you had to pay coins, people would not offer 1 dragons exalted pack in exchange for tropical beach. It would also cut down on the 100s of horrible offers you have to scroll through to get to a decent deal.

    Tournaments mode needs to be priority #1. Maybe you could put a pack in a pool to play in the tournament, with the top finishers getting splitting the packs.
  3. Yes. I think it is too hard to build a good deck Online, mostly because of lack of Coins and the trades being bad deals. I entered about 100 code cards yet didn't get enough to make a good deck.
    I like the real-life Pokemon TCG a lot better.
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    I know it's technically been a month since the last post in this thread, but I feel this is some important information to share:

    Yesterday, PTCGO had its first tournaments. They were only small, 8 person events, but they gave out free packs to the winners. To enter, you need 4 "tickets" (as I haven't played in a while, I'm not 100% sure what those are, but I figure that those of you who frequent the program should know). They were only held for a couple hours, but from what I hear, they'll be continuing this at least once a week.

    I don't know about you guys, but I'm extremely excited about this, and am gonna re-download PTCGO just to compete in these. :D
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    So, anyone else's friends list dysfunctional?
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    Does anyone else have the problem where once you click on "Redeem Codes" the client freezes and you can't do anything?

    EDIT: Un-installing it and re-installing it worked. I got to open my 40-ish XY packs (got nothing but some staples like Sycamore, which is good I guess).
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