Positively Plasma – Why the Villains are Taking Over

Discussion in 'UG Article Talk' started by JayHornung, Aug 29, 2013.

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  2. Adam

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    I'm actually really interested to see if we're right about how ties will work because that'll add another level of complexity to the game. There will be a lot of skill in managing the first two games.

    If you're using a slow deck, you're going to need to decide quickly if Game 1 is worth playing or not. If it looks bad, then I think you scoop and hope to win Game 2 on time and take the tie. On the contrary, if you're playing versus a quick deck, your opponent might want to draw things out and scoop Game 2 with 5 minutes left so they can try and get an early lead on you Game 3. (I'm guessing if you at least get Game 3 started, +3 will kick in and and you'll have two turns to get a lead. PLUS the quick deck will get to go 1st since they scooped/lost the last game.)

    But if you feel good about Game 1 as the slow deck, I think you try to draw it out as long as possible and don't let Game 2 get completed (i.e. don't let your opponent draw 4 Prizes). Again, the other player will need to realize if Game 1 needs to be scooped and try to make Game 2 count and at that point I think the slow deck tries to play for a tie (don't let it go to Game 3).

    If you're using a quick deck, you may want to slow down Game 2 if you win Game 1 and hope it doesn't complete, but that's risky since you a tie becomes more likely. Otherwise you will probably want to keep playing fast and either outright win Game 2 or try to take an early lead Game 3 before time. Again, the quick deck can scoop Game 2 at an opportune time if it looks bad and try for the quick win during Game 3.

    So initially it looks like quick decks have the advantage since they can salvage more ties and wins if they can recognize board state and scoop at the right time. Winning Game 1 as a quick deck is huge since you can scoop Game 2 late if need be and then have the advantage of going first Game 3 with maybe only two turns for each player.
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    I was surprised to see you didn't include Mr. Mime in either of your lists. I have found him to be one of the most influential cards in the mirror. Forcing your opponent to take those OHKO's makes their deck a lot easier to counter. I also dislike Absol, just because of how situational he is. IF your opponent has a full bench, then he attacks for the same amount Kyurem would. My thinking is, why waste the space on Absol when you can make Kyurem more consistent?

    Loved the article though, I think you brought very good insight to the table and I can't wait to see some of the discussions that come of this. Thanks!
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    Nice article, made me think alot about the deck I was playing and if it would be too slow to contend with the new changes. How would you feel about Frozen City in your heavy Lugia EX lists?
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    Adam: Agreed, I'm still waiting to hear more.

    Willyazza: Mainly bench space and room...the Lugia EX version would be the only list with room and it seems just so easy for them to have bangle and it doesn't matter. You can very easily make a valid argument for it though. The 2 energy vs 3 with Absol is huge...also like I discussed in the article I play plasma very counter like. Absol is a very nice counter to Kyurem.

    PokePower: I expect Plasma to be heavily played so I don't want to waste spots on a card that is dead in the mirror. If your expect a field of Stoise and other non plasma decks it's a very solid play.
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    To clear something up, League Challenges will not be restricted to players at that league. However, some TO's (who are the minority, and who I don't agree with), want to offer perks to their league members like preferential signups (especially if there is limited seating). But Pokemon really doesn't want to discourage people from playing Pokemon.

    Also, great article! I'm about to get into the swing of testing and I'm looking for all the great advice I can get about the next format. This was golden. Thanks Jay! Also, I have to say I do like Toolbox. It's very fun, and easily underestimated. Just don't whiff a T1 Energy!
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    Yeah it will be interesting to see how the LC's turn out. Some areas will be screwed over by to's who don't care about of competitive areas (like areas where the to's may have wanted to restrict lc's for just league members), but it looks like most areas will just kind of play these out as battle to's type tournaments.

    Not sure if its been mentioned elsewhere on league challenges, but here's some more of the information which they said is fine to share:

    -Doesn't have to be the last weekend. Can be moved around, so a Tuesday league could have a Saturday league challenge. Sounds like they can be held anywhere in the league season but they were a bit cryptic there.
    -Prize support is a promo card for 1-4th place. Extra prize support is up to the to. The promo will not be the same all year.
    -No lc's for the current league season unfortunately.
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    Why no Max Potion? Max Potion, even without Scramble Switch, can completely ruin your opponent's day. It's especially helpful against Darkrai, which is Plasma's worst matchup without a doubt.
  9. ChampBuster

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    My only question is that you countered the one plasma hate card in silver mirror, but I feel that you overlooked the bigger one that is in the majority of decks right now: Enhanced Hammer. Would you consider running basic energy and energy search to counteract this threat. I have seen the Japanese do this somewhat and I think its not a bad idea. I would still want to keep the prisim so you can attack with all your pokemon, but I think including water and lightning would not be a bad idea (maybe even a good one).
  10. JayHornung

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    Empoleon: I really wouldn't call Darkrai Plasmas worst match up...its actually pretty even depending on which Darkrai variant and weather Plasma plays laser or not.

    Champ: Enhanced Hammer by itself isn't as bad if they aren't cycling through them with Sableye (in which case you need to N/Thundurus loop). You can run basic energy, but it doesn't stop your opponent from hitting key attachments.