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    Just another random musings article, this time from yanmega guy.

    [h=4]Introduction:[/h]Hey guys, Yanmega guy… blah blah blah, it’s almost time for worlds. Forget the introduction, you know who my annoying icon represents, let’s jump into things. And yes, that article image on the front page is me, cosplaying as my author icon.
    [h=4]My brief discussion of Yanmega/Magnezone:[/h]
    This deck has been done to death and back on the Underground site, and it has seen a moderate amount of articles here on the non-UG area. That said, anyone taking it to the grinders needs to remember some key points:
    The "other" white meat
    ~You’ll want a way to help your Tyram match up.
    This can be done with more Reversals, Kingdra techs, Samurott techs, or anything else that clears Typhlosion off the board ASAP. There’s a super secret tech floating around on the Underground, but we both know I’m not allowed to hand that out.
    ~You’re going to want to run an Umbreon counter, preferably one that overlaps with the point above.
    Oh god, Cabd lost his mind, is he seriously saying we need an UMBREON counter? Well, yes I am, and for two reasons. First, even though it’s not seen much in this format, Umbreon was the clutch “I need a tech lol” card of last format, and I expect at least one or two people to do so. Which brings me to part two. Grinders is single elimination. If a single Umbreon shuts down your ENTIRE deck (Yanmega body, Magnezone power, Kingdra power, Pachi power, etc), then running in to the ONE guy who teched it will knock you out of the event, and losing to “eeveelutions.dek” in this format is darn near suicide worthy.
    ~You cannot get away without at least 9~10 energy.
    If you insist on playing that low of an energy count, you had better run something good tech-wise for mirror, because missing a single energy drop is ruinous in the mirror match, even more so than who goes first. Otherwise, expect to lose mirror to lists playing that much energy. Also, with that low of energy, Pachirisu becomes a dead draw too often.
    ~Junk Arm is good, too good, to not play at least three of
    Junk Arm acts as a way to discard cards to allow drawing more with Magnezone, while also giving you back a good Trainer, or even disrupting, such as Reversal or Lost Remover.
    This is your deck after one too many shots of Magnetic Draw
    ~Watch your deck size
    This cannot be emphasized enough. Last format, I lost a game in regionals to decking out, and it was embarrassing as heck. Always know your deck and hand size when you get down to less than 10 in your deck.
    Using Judge when your hand is huge might deny you some resources next turn, but if it keeps you from decking out, it’s worth it regardless. Always think before you announce Magnetic Draw.
    All of these points are pretty valid in my opinion, but by no means are they gospel, if you have a reason to ignore one or two of them, go for it.
    [h=4]My thoughts on trends for worlds:[/h][h=4][/h]Here are some last minute thoughts about what cards will appear at worlds:
    ~I expect to see a lot more Rescue Energy being played
    Don’t ask me why, I’m not 100 percent sure, but my gut is telling me that a LOT of players will be slotting Rescue Energy into their builds. I think the major reason I think this is that the format has grown towards some 2HKOs, so dropping Rescue Energy is now a valid form of recovery, especially when Tyram can drop Rescue then Afterburner twice.
    ~Tyranitar will see more play than at Nationals
    Japanese players prefer to use Godzilla
    Last format, this was Erik Nance and his Steelix build. Some people like playing fun yet capable decks that exist outside the metagame. Tyranitar is that deck, in my opinion. It’s seen some love since it ran deep at Nationals this year, and the deck list has been semi-posted on the Gym, so I expect to see at least one or two both in grinders and at the main event. Not to mention apparently Japan loves the card.
    ~We’ll see some “Yanmega Hate” techs in full force
    These cards don’t target Yanmega/Magnezone, but just Yanmega in general. Examples of this include Sharpedo TM (Strip Bare their hand, laugh as they cannot attack) Raichu (two Lightning Energy for a turn-two dead Yanmega) Zekrom in non-Zekrom builds (Outrage the Yanmega swarms to death) Umbreon (see above) and others. Many of these can be seen on the forums here at our very own 6P.
    ~Water will be more popular
    At Nats, everyone expected the BDIF to be Magneboar, which attacked with Magnezone. This time around, people see the metagame with a top three consisting of Donphan/Dragons, Yanmega/Magnezone, and Typhlosion/Reshiram. Being able to put a serious hurt on 2/3rds of those decks means that a water deck also using Donphan or some other sort of Magnezone counter can have at least an even match vs. the rest of the field.
    ~Emboar will see a return
    With everyone mostly switched over to Typhlosion, I expect at least a few people to want to ignore the norm, and fall back to Emboar. It won’t be a whole bunch, but there’ll be at least a few good players doing so.
    ~Vileplume variants will be knocked out of the Grinders quickly
    Sorry, Trainer lock lovers, but when all three “top” decks in the metagame can withstand a trainer lock and still fight through your defenses, the game is up. Typhlosion doesn’t mind Trainer lock, Yanmega/Zone will just spam Judge and Copycat to take cheap prizes, and Donphan/Dragons runs a majority of basics and Donphan, who is easy enough to set up anyways
    [h=4]Some Miscellaneous Thoughts[/h]~The top 32 of grinders will be less slanted towards “pro” players than previous years
    Given what we know about the grinders, it is safe to assume that they could pair up two “amazing” players on the first round, immediately assuring that the top cut will not contain one of them
    ~Grinders attendance from international players will be down
    Expect the population to do this. A lot.
    Who would pay to travel from out of country, only too be knocked out the first round? I know that if I didn’t happen to live in Central California already, I’d not have even considered making the trip.
    ~Judges will be VERY strict about ensuring coin flips and dice rolls are legal
    From both the controversy surrounding the Seniors division at US Nationals, to the multiple threads on the Gym regarding flips, to the statements made by the judges, I fully expect judges to have eyes in the back, front, and sides of their heads, looking out for any attempt to manipulate a random event.
    ~Come find me!
    If you didn't expect this to be here, you may not have a pulse~
    I’m looking forward to meeting quite a few of you guys! At the grinders, I’ll have on the black 6PUG shirt on, look for the skinny white dude with glasses on. I’m making the trip down to worlds Thursday night, leaving home at like 9PM, so I won’t see anybody until the morning of grinders. My iPhone has a 6P and Gym mobile app, so if you PM me during those three days, I’ll be able to read it and hook up. You can also email me at if you’re looking for some games, fun, or not, once I get knocked out of grinders (being
    realistic here, lol, but if I somehow make it in, I’m still game to some chill time, sleep is over-rated)

    Well, that’s all I have for now. I’ll be back after worlds with at the very least my losing Grinders report, and some nice plushies, and some other swag. I’ll see you all at the event, or online.

    ~Yanmega guy out

    EDIT: This ate my formatting, I'll fix it tomorrow.