Pre-Nats Pokesmash! - 6 Boxes in Prize support!

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    We are having a pokemon Tournament on June 29th at High Tide Games in California MD with a 15dollar entry fee. This date was specifically picked because it is the weekend before Nationals. It will give a great opportunity for players to test out their ideas aginst local competition to get ready. We are trying to heavily promote this event and get a huge turnout so any help you can give would be appriciated. We will have experienced judges and staff there to see the event run smoothly, and the store plans on giving away a mininum of 6boxes towards prize support. We really want to make this a big event and get all of the loal MD, VA, and southern PA players together to have a major Tournament.

    We would love to have everyone join us for this huge upcoming local pokemon Tournament where we will be giing out a minium of 6 boxes in prize support. This will be a huge event and will take place the weekend before Nationals so it would be a great time to test out your deck ideas.

    Where : High Tide Games 22599 Macarthur Blvd Suite 374, California MD 20619
    When : Saturday June 29, 2013
    Time : Registration is from 11am-12pm. The Tournament will start at Noon
    Entry Fee is $15.00

    Please visit these following facebook pages for additonal information about the event and our local Pokemon league that we have every Sunday at the same location

    We hope to see everyone there!!![DOUBLEPOST=1371720188,1371294194][/DOUBLEPOST]I just wanted to give out some more information about this huge tournament coming up in the Southern Maryland Area. Members of The Top Cut will be there streaming the event live. It is planning to be a huge event, so come out and get your decks ready for nationals.

    Thank you for your support The Top Cut!
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    I saw California, I was like "Yay!".

    Is there really a California, Maryland, or is the reason for the existence of that city specifically so that I can be given false hope?
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    yes there is actually a California, Maryland. It is right next to Hollywood, Maryland actually lol.
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    The world has been designed to make me grumpy.
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    Same here. So disappointed now. :(
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    there should be a Maryland, California too
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    what???!! I didnt even know about this tournament and im local to hollywood. soo disspointing