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    It says I'm at 80%, need help on what I'm missing. I have:

    1000th Knockout - Knock out 1000 of your opponents Pokemon
    500th Knockout - Knock out 500 of your opponents Pokemon
    50th Knockout - Knock out 50 of your opponents Pokemon
    All dressed up - Customize your avatar
    Baffling - Confuse 5 Pokemon in the same game
    Blade of Grass - Win 12 games w/ basic green deck
    Breaking Wave - Win 12 games w/ basic blue deck
    City Champion - Win all games in City Championship
    Daybreak - Win 12 games w/ Daybreak deck
    Devastation - Deal 300 or more damage in a single attack
    Diamond League Champ - Win all games in Diamond league
    Evolver - Play a stage 2 evolution card
    Eyes on the Prize - Win by drawing the last prize
    Firestarter - Win 12 games w/ basic red deck
    First Blood - Deal 50 damage
    Gold League Champ - Win all games in Gold league
    Green Tornado - Win 12 games with the Green Tornado deck
    Hat Trick - Knock out 3 Pokemon with one attack
    Healer - Heal 100 or more damage in a single game
    Healing Light - Heal 60+ damage in a single turn while playing the Daybreak PCD
    Imperishable Night - Take no damage from an enemy attack while playing the Nightfall PCD
    Incendiary - Burn 5 Pokemon in the same game
    KO - Knock out a Pokemon
    Legendary Trainer - Play a 2-part Pokemon Legend
    Merciless - Win a game by knocking out your opponenets last Pokemon
    Nightfall - Win 12 games w/ Nightfall deck
    Overwhelming - Deal 200 or more damage in a single attack
    Patient - Win by opponent running out of cards
    Perfectionist - Win a gem without your opponent getting a single prize card
    Platinum League Champ - Win all the games in the Platinum league
    Quad Damage - knock out 4 Pokemon with one attack
    Red Frenzy - Win 12 games w/ the Red Frenzy deck
    Soporific - Put 5 Pokemon to sleep in the same game
    Studious - View all tutorials
    Stunning - Paralyze 5 Pokemon in the same game
    Super Effective - Deal 100 or more damage in a single attack
    Technician - Play 3 Trainer - item cards in one turn
    The Win Of The Century - Win 100 games
    Too Easy - Knock out a previously uninjured Pokemon in a single attack
    Trader - Trade a card
    Triple Crown Champ - Win the Gold, Platinum and Diamond leagues
    Triple Threat - Complete wins with all three victory conditions
    Two For One - Knock out two Pokemon with one attack
    Venomous - Poison 5 Pokemon in the same game

    I know I still need the Blue Assault achievement and probably ones for knocking out 5 or 6 Pokemon in one attack.

    What others am I missing?

    I will update the list as I am informed of others.