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    I'm getting so frustrated with PTCGO. Poison sometimes does only 10 damage between turns with LaserBank in play, especially after a tool has been removed from Garbodor. Random Receiver will fail after your opponent's Trevenant has previously been active. Evosoda works on your first turn if you go second. Sometimes when selecting your active basic at the beginning of the game, the Pokemon will appear to remain in your hand, causing glitches where you cannot play cards from your hand. I can think of five more off the top of my head, but I'll just get to my questions.

    Is playtcg a good alternative? Is it feasible to find an opponent all hours of the day? Is the average player's skill level higher? Are there less glitches? I'm honestly considering quitting playing on PTCGO as the glitches and interface since the XY update are unbearable. It has become increasingly obvious to me that the coding behind PTCGO has some fundamental flaws that create new glitches every time a new set comes out. I consider myself lucky if 80% of them are fixed before the next major update. Vent over.
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    I use playtccg and the players are all of reasonable skill.
    The biggest difference i have seen is that every player who wants a card can use it, making it so that you play against much better setup decks (as they all *can use beach).
    I have found that getting a game is not too hard, you can find one within 15 minutes most of the time.
    PlayTCG has no glitches, because all the computer does is show you cards. You often have to pay more attention as the computer allows players to cheat, but the community is nice and I really recommend PlayTCG.

    Hope this helps!
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    I agree. Especially as you do not need to get virtual cards to make a deck which is AWESOME.

    P.S. the playtcg community is real nice. I've played several clean games w/out cheaters.
    P.P.S you can use BEACH on that website when it is much harder on ptcgo.