Purple Daze – Darkrai/Garbodor Deck Breakdown and Analysis

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  2. galladeava

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    Good article, having taken the summer off the game it's nice to read about a deck that's been doing well. It seems quite a simple concept and yo explain everything well.

    A couple things I did notice was when you mention playing 3 Trubbish you say "when you prize one Trubbish and the other one is prized". Is the first 'prize' meant to say discard?

    Also, you mention using Silver Mirror on a Darkrai; pretty sure you can only use the Mirror on non-EX Pokemon so the 'scary thought' of a Darkrai Night Spearing over and over is actually not scary at all :cool:
  3. zcbivens

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    galladeava - Thanks for the comment. For the first sentence this is what I was meaning to say

    "When one Trubbish is knocked out early in the game and the other one is prized.

    Wow that is embarrassing... Needless to say I have not actually tried out Silver Mirror in this deck myself. I only mentioned the card as an option in the deck because I saw Dustin Zimmerman playing two Silver Mirrors in his DarkGarb list and it seems like solid strategy.
    It was a silly mistake that I made overlooking that stipulation on Silver Mirror that came from not actually trying out that option myself yet. I appreciate you catching the errors and I hope that you enjoyed the article outside of those two mistakes!
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    Silver Mirror on a Sableye is very strong. If the Plasma deck has opted not to run Lasers/Virbank, it will struggle to one-shot the Sableye. Even running a single Silver Mirror in Darkrai/Garbodor can be super good. But, yeah, can't put Silver Mirror on Darkrai EX.
  5. Adam

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    Thanks for pointing those mistakes out galladeava. I also managed to spell Garbodor wrong in the title...
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    Great article! My worst fears are coming true and my secret deck for Regionals is becoming popular! Blast it, KO!
    Anyhoo, I do agree that it is very important to tech for the mirror matchup, as it is certain to be common at regionals. And no Bicycle?
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    Great article! Thanks for telling everyone how to use it and then giving some ideas of how to beat it haha. Do you have any suggestions for beating it with Tool Time? (You're probably not going to want to share ways to beat your own deck, but it's worth asking :D )