Rogue Quad-Lions - Entei-EX

Discussion in 'HS-on Archives' started by wiki188, May 13, 2012.

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    Oh yeah, thanks. I forgot about that.
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    i had to chuckle a bit at the front page article today, mentioned "Fire Fang also conveniently OHKOs Klink DEX, Chikorita HS..." Another chikorita sighting? hehe

    also, why wasn't there mention of quad blissey in that article? some biases i'd say... :p
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    Here on the free site, we have to put up with joke decks.

    People paying for the privilege of UG membership can avoid that nonsense.
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    haha, money well spent! :D
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    I kind of like your build. My conundrum with this deck is "how to get it started?". Ok, that sounds kind of obvious in a way, but really, how do you make a strong set-up with your opponent trying to catcher and attack your Entei's with insufficient energy. There seems to be 2 (or more) strategies:

    1) Use Energy Switch and Max Potion to elude opponents (we'll call this Galladeava's Theorem).
    2) Use Straight Potions (Potion, Moo-Moo, Max) and we'll call this Darkwing's Dare since he posted last.
    3) Use Smeargles, Shaymins, or other non-EX pokemon. This makes some sense since there is one extra prize card to burn (3 Entei EX KOs = Smeargle or Shaymin KO plus 3 Entei EX KOs). The venerable Dr. Babius Marius pointed this out previously.

  7. wiki188

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    from what i've seen watching games with this deck is that you rarely have more than 2 entei out unless your benched is fully powered. then pretty much use healing shenaigans to keep entei alive and tanking.
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    i'm coming in from the cold and there's probably not a right answer, but from my perspective having a solid smeargle and shaymin handy to stall, supporter search, or switch energy seems like a practical alternative over the pristine theory of quad-roars
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    So how does this deck fair after rotation, anyway to make entei playable?
  10. darkwings

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    yes actually. later today i'll post my blw on list.
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    Would you mind messaging it to me as well? I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
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    To come back to my previous question of increasing the odds of getting energy in the discard, I found running Ultra Balls over Heavy Balls really helps. Getting that T3 Grand Flame for with an energy attach is just too huge for this deck.

    On a side note, this deck has really lost steam since first coming out. Many players know exactly how to play this. Mewtwo wrecks this deck.
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    sorry for not pm'ing you the message, but i've been a little busy. i WILL get it to you tomorrow.
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    No problem at all! I appreciate it :]
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    So what about Reshiram, kinda seems like Entei and Reshiram would be a good team. Use Entei to power up Reshirams, it turns into a cycle. Maybe throw some Switches to keep it more consistent. I'd put 2 reshirams and 1 reshiram ex for late game ohkos. I've never actually used Entei so idk how good it actually is, but it seems like a good idea haha
  16. isaiah1989

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    How does it work??
    I never played against it, ever. only quad terrakian
  17. wiki188

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    isaiah1989 quad entei works in which you get the turn 3 grandflame and start powering up a 2nd entei, while pioliting the deck you denie kos through the use of hammers and lost remover, and healing items like moomoo milk, max potion, potion, life herb
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    Can this deck survive rotation? I'm pretty skeptical
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    someone made a point on a diff thread for Sigilyph stopping most quad ex decks. Makes sense especially with only 4 catchers.
  20. indercarnive

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    cant wait for bw-on. made a rogue deck that i beleive rocks the meta. hope no one has thought of it before or is knows what im talking about. but i google searched the deck and found nothing. so google dont fail me now......

    maybe i should try bing