RS-on Queendom (Nidoqueen/Pidgeot)

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    This was kind of a rogue deck at the time, but it made a huge splash, winning Worlds in 2005 (played by Jeremy Maron) and placing third (played by Pablo Meza). This is the Worlds-winning list (Pablo's was only a few cards different).

    ---Pokémon (21)---
    4 Nidoran ♀ RG
    3 Nidorina RG
    4 Nidoqueen RG
    3 Pidgey RG
    2 Pidgeotto RG
    3 Pidgeot RG
    1 Feebas EM 50
    1 Milotic HL

    ---Trainer (24)---
    4 Celio's Network
    4 Copycat
    2 Rocket's Admin
    2 Steven's Advice
    1 Mr. Briney's Compassion

    4 Rare Candy
    3 Great Ball

    4 Desert Ruins

    ---Energy (15)---
    6 Grass Energy
    4 Double Rainbow Energy
    3 Heal Energy
    2 Fighting Energy

    The remarkable thing about this deck is just how straightforward it is. The deck focuses entirely around attacking with Nidoqueen, whose Power Lariat attack gains +10 damage for each evolved Pokémon in play, and uses Pigeot to consistently keep the evolutions coming. Unusually for the format, the deck doesn't use Dunsparce at all, since it can't evolve, relying instead on Great Ball and Nidoran ♀ to get basics. The deck also runs a thicker Pidgeot line than was considered standard--a 3-2-3 line instead of a 2-1-2. This made for a faster Pidgeot (turn-one Pidgeot is not uncommon), gave the deck more evolutions with which to work, and allowed the deck to survive if Pidgeot is knocked out. Another unusual aspect of the deck is that there are basically no techs, especially since Pidgeot enables a list full of one-ofs to be consistent.

    The only tech here is the thin Milotic line. Since Nidoqueen's damage output is so high, it can often score OHKOs, so Milotic often heals very little of the opponent's damage while wiping your whole board clean. The big draw for this card, though, was the Rock Lock matchup. With the help of Rare Candy, Milotic can come out of nowhere and clean up several turns' worth of damage counters from Dark Tyranitar and Dark Ampharos, and any time they use Stone Generator, you can play Milotic down from your hand once again. Unless they have Pow! Hand Extension or Pokémon Reversal to drag up and KO Milotic, you can loop Healing Shower continuously, basically making the matchup an autowin.

    Four Desert Ruins allow you to continuously bump Battle Frontier and keep Pidgeot online, and Heal Energy gets around Special Conditions and can often be used to steal a potential KO from the opponent. Overall, the deck is just consistent and hard-hitting, and more importantly, it was a strong metagame call. The deck has some bad matchups, but it thrives against Ludicargo, Dark Tyranitar variants, Medicham ex, and ZRE, all of which were fairly popular plays at Worlds that year.

    This deck ended up establishing itself as an archetype throughout the following season, and Jeremy Maron ended up repeating his 2005 success at the subsequent World Championship, using a list very similar to this one.
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    @Adam What was your involvement in the creation of this deck?
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    I was the one who identified it as a strong concept and convinced Pablo and Jeremy that it was the play for Worlds. I played a slightly different but significantly worse list at US Nationals where I went 5-3 due to some bad luck in Round 7 (I started off 5-1 and succumbed to some atrocious Hariyama ex discards then lost to T2 Zapdos deck, which was an unfavorable matchup with my Nats list).

    I originally got the idea for the deck from Yamato's team in Japan, who sent us a Nidoqueen list with Zapdos ex and Pokemon Reversals. (I can't remember if they played 2-1-2 or 3-2-3 Pidgeot in their deck. I do remember their list not being all that refined though.) Pablo gave a good recap of the creation process here:!

    I came up with the base list, then the idea of adding Desert Ruins, then all three of us worked together to perfect the last few cards.