BS-on Rain Dance (Blastoise/Articuno/Lapras)

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    I think we all know this deck, but i saw that no one posted a list, so I will share mine (similar to that i used to use)
    There are many things I can't remember, especially with regard to the amount of energy
    but I think it's pretty close

    15 Pokémon
    4 Squirtle
    3 Blastoise
    1 Dark Blastoise
    2 Articuno (Fossil)
    2 Articuno (Promo)
    3 Lapras

    30 Trainers
    2 Professor Oak
    2 Sabrina's Gaze
    4 Bill
    3 Computer Search
    2 Item Finder
    4 Pokémon Breeder
    3 Gust of Wind
    1 No Removal Gym
    3 Energy Retrieval
    3 Misty's Tears
    1 Challenge
    2 Nightly Garbage Run

    15 Water Energy

    - t1 lapras active, squirtle on the bench
    - t2 Blastoise for Rain Dance
    then you can attack with articuno promo to set up future KOs
    dark blastoise & articuno fossil could be used for mid-game heavy attackers
    blastoise is a great attacker indeed
    challenge is a great card if you need multiple squirtle and for diamond dust
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