Rarities and B-Sides: Rogue Decisions on the Micro Level

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    Wow. Beautifully written and immensely helpful.

    (“thou shalt play 4 Professor Juniper, 4 N, and 4 Skyla, and thou shalt hope thou hast enough cash for Tropical Beaches”) Nice.
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    Great article as always Erik! I have only been playing for a couple of years now, but this has been my favourite time. There isn't 1 or even 2 decks that are winning every tournament. Like you said, the creativity that is coming out in deck building is awesome!
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    I joined 6P to read this article. Well done. :) I'm currently trying to help a friend out with deck editing (I am by no means a pro, but I do have more experience) so this really helps.

    I still have issues trying to narrow and skeleton things, so how does one figure out what is needed vs what is not? I understand anything that doesn't further the strategy of the deck is unnecessary, but that feels difficult to apply when the pokemon make up most of the strategy.
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    If you ever get stuck on making a skeleton list for a deck then a really quick and easy way of making one is to find as many lists as you can (probably about 6 +) for the same deck and note down the cards that appear in every one of those lists as these will be the staple cards in the deck (if one list is considerably different to the others, then maybe find some more information about the list and who wrote it to make sure you aren't just looking at a really bad list).

    Lists will be dotted around all over the internet but your best bet is to take them off either articles on SixPrizes or other similar sites (as they will normally have good explanations of the card counts and why they are important) and also off the Forums here as in the Competitive Deck Discussion you have discussion topics for all the major decks with plenty of available lists.

    Just to make myself clear, this is not an encouragement to net-deck, but it is an easy way to work out what cards are crucial for the deck because if all 10 lists you found from different sources are all playing the same card then its probably good to play. Having said that (as highlighted in Erik's great article and others) just because more people are using it, this shouldn't mean that you should be afraid of taking it out if it doesn't work for you, which is why testing is so important.
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    Very well written article! Thoroughly enjoyed reading it!