raticate\amoongus/shedinja for cities

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  1. sonicboom

    sonicboom number 1# treecko fan

    4-4 raticate bc
    3-3 amoongus nxd
    3-3 shedinja drx
    4 juniper
    4 n
    3 cheren
    1 super rod
    2 devolution spray
    2 aspertia city gym
    4 level ball
    3 ultra ball
    3 exp share
    3 rescue scarf
    7 psychic energy
    4 double colerless energy

    the strategy is to use raticates super fang to bring you opponents pokemon to 10 hp
    then finish it off in the same turn with amoongus sporprise or if you dont had a amoongus that turn and they retreated the pokemon that had 10 hp left then use shedinjas cursed drops to finish it off
  2. TechnoLegend

    TechnoLegend Active Member

    Your going to need more supporters. Somewhere between 13-15 to be tournament competitive, and max out your chance of setting up your strategy.
    your choices are

    Professor Juniper
    Random Receiver

    Most decks would run x4 Juniper, x4 N and 6 in combination with the ones remaining.

    your deck is also missing an ACE SPEC card. if you can get your hands on Computer Search

    If you have pokemon catcher then this deck need x4. If you dont have Pokemon Catcher (s)x4 and cant invest the 15$ price tag for each one. then you might want to look at Ninetails from Dragons Exalted, it pairs together perfectly well with Amoonguss, and could become another Devolution Spray target, in addition his attack gets +50 stronger for each status condition on the defending pokemon and all for 1 energy, vulpix and Ninetails are also both level ball searchable.

    you will need x4 Switch in here to get Raticate attacking when you need to.

    I have never used him but Ditto BCR could be helpful for set up

    I think you can get rid of the Stage 1 Shedninja line, witch will free up some space. Drifloon DRX has the attack sneaky placement, witch would give you that 10 damage you need to finish off a hyper fanged pokemon, or even better including Rocky helmet into your list will make them have to attack with a different pokemon then they attacked with or knock themselves out. LOL

    I think Pokemon Communication and level ball would be your best pokemon search/setup, Pokemon Communication is great for deck with 14+ pokemon, especially a deck running a stage 2 emaple Empoleon.

    Im going to be honest this deck will be very fun to play at league, and with casual friends, but most tournament decks can 1 hit knock out every pokemon in your list without trying, and Landorus EX is going to really hurt you alot. If you start a game staring at a Landorus EX on the flip, say good by to any chances of attacking with Raticate and or even attacking 1 energy to him.
  3. supersmarty1234

    supersmarty1234 rotations, designed to make bulk even more useless

    Good idea for cities i am currentally running a ninetails amoongus with dustox teched in

    1 energy 3 special conditions
  4. Monferno

    Monferno Rule #1: is that you gotta have fun

    Sounds interesting!!!!!
  5. supersmarty1234

    supersmarty1234 rotations, designed to make bulk even more useless

    Heres an idea. Raticate/dusknoir/sigalyph
  6. RisingDawn

    RisingDawn #1 Oshawott fan! :0<

    Make sure to run Kyurem. Then that hits their bench like crazy, have you tried running it with Electrivire and Eelektrik?
  7. supersmarty1234

    supersmarty1234 rotations, designed to make bulk even more useless

    Nope but i will put in some kyurems which will be so conveniet

    Raticate atacks gets knocked out then move the 170 damage counters from an ex and kill a bunch of eelektriks
  8. sonicboom

    sonicboom number 1# treecko fan

    well i didnt have any troubles setting up with this suppoter line so far

    i only has an crystal edge and that doesnt work in this deck lol

    raticate and shedinja have free retreat

    but shedinja can finish off 3 hyper fnaged pokemon and i might try rocky helmet
  9. TechnoLegend

    TechnoLegend Active Member

    I played agianst a Kyruem NVI/Landorus EX/Dusknoir BRC deck last night with my Speed Darkrai Deck and got destroyed, 3 games in a row, Landorus being able to attack for 1 energy more then lets you slowly attach to Kyruem.
  10. TechnoLegend

    TechnoLegend Active Member

    But a Stage 2 in a multiple stage 1 deck sound like to many set up cards, like all those candys, and keldeo makes all your hard work of attacking and causing status conditions to go away before you can even attack with Ninetails,

    I have also included 1-2 copies of Munna from boundries crossed thats a chance at free sleep every turn, its prety helpful in setting up traps