Tier 2 Rayquaza EX, Eelektrik NVI

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  1. baby_mario

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    Most players love buying a bunch of new cards.

    That's basically the business model for a TCG.
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  2. kbs021

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    lol well the players i know (more top players) wouldn't agree with that but okay. and am referring to older rotated card
  3. Professor_N

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    I know I like getting new cards. Everyone loves buying new cards, but no one loves using their money.
  4. kbs021

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    Exactly lol... But this is going to be weird for the upper tier players that usually build several decks to play at a tourney. They might need to build several more decks for the next day of a tourny.. I am not quite like that I usually only have 2 on me and might only add 1 or two more for a day 2. This could get kinda expensive. I am going to be interested if this goes past regionals into something like states, or nats.
  5. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care

    There are only 3 significant cards from BLW-NVI that we don't have in this format:


    BLW-on is basically whatever the modified format is plus RayEels. It's not going to strain anyone too much.
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  6. kbs021

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    I would easily put BW-Klingklang in that list as well... But you should also include the current the cards that are about to get rotated as well. That will at least add a few more sets that will get rotated as well which will broaden that pool. When you take into account adding back these several sets, the deck you play in swiss will obviously change, but you might want to change decks completely. This isn't a requirement. Most players will be able to do this without too much complaint. But this will be adding strain to several players. I am not even arguing against this new idea mind you all I am just stating points. At least they let us know with plenty of time!
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