RD's Trades W : Plasma Things/ S. bangle etc. H: Genesect, SR Candy etc

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  1. RisingDawn

    RisingDawn #1 Oshawott fan! :0<

    Read first
    USA and UK trades, may ship elsewhere if the deal is big enough

    I ship from mid-missouri, with all cards in sleeves and top-loaders :)

    Serious offers only please :)


    FA’s and SRs
    SR Rare Candy

    FA Iris

    SR Blastoise

    3 FA Reshiram BLW

    2 FA Zekrom BLW

    3 SR Pikachu BLW

    2 Tornadus EPO

    1 Thundurus EPO

    1 Cobalion NVI

    1 Virizion NVI

    1 Kyurem EX

    1 Cresslia EX

    1 Lugia EX

    1 Heatran EX

    ACE Specs

    2 Computer Search

    2 Crystal Edge

    1 Victory Piece

    1 Rock Guard

    Non-Promo, Regalur Art Pokemon EX

    1 Shaymin EX

    1 Kyurem EX

    2 Raikou EX

    1 Darkrai EX

    1 Ho-oh EX

    2 Registeel EX

    1 Giratina EX

    3 Keldeo EX

    2 Black Kyurem EX PLS/Black Ballista

    2 White Kyurem EX PLS

    2 Zapdos EX

    Meta Cards, and related Basics

    1 Reshiram BLW

    1 RH Thundurus EPO

    1 RH Tornadus EPO

    4-4-2 Gothitelle EPO

    1 RH Virizion NVI , 2 Regular Virizion EPO

    1 Cobalion NVI

    4-4 Zoroark, 4 BLW and 4 DEX

    4-4-3 Klinklang PLS , 1 RH Klinklang PLS

    4 Emolga DRX

    3 RH Sigilyph DRX

    1 RH Garbodor DRX

    4-4 Altaria DRX

    1 Garchomp DRX

    Xx Bouffalant DRX , 1 RH Bouffalant DRX

    4-4-3 Blastoise BCR

    3 Ditto BCR

    Trainers and Reverse Trainers

    4 Juniper Blw

    XX Cheren EPO

    XX Eviolite 2 are RH

    4 Exp Share, 1 RH

    XX heavy ball

    4 Skyarrowbridge 2 RH

    12 DCE

    2 RH Dark Claw

    3 RH Dark Patch

    XX Random Reciever

    1 RH Tool Scrapper, 3 reg

    XX Plasma Energy, 1 RH PLF Plasma Energy

    4 RH Ultra Ball, Played Condition

    4 Superior Energy Retrevial


    4-3 Flareon PLF

    1 RH Eggexcute PLF

    1 RH Drifblim DRX, 1 regular

    BW Promos

    01 Snivy

    04 Reshiram

    05 Zekrom

    11 Pansage x 2

    12 Zorua

    17 Ducklett x 3

    24 Zekrom

    27 Litwick x 2

    35 Meowth

    38 Zekrom EX x 2

    39 Battle City x 3

    40 Volcarona

    43 Mewtwo

    44 Darkrai EX x 4

    45 Rayquaza EX x 4

    46 Altaria

    59 White Kyurem

    61 Keldeo EX x 4

    62 Black Kyurem EX

    Special Energy

    4 Holon Phantoms Water Holo

    2 ex Emerald Water holo

    2 BLW Dark non-holo

    6 BLW Metal non-holo

    3 Fighting, BLW non-holo

    2 BLW Lightning non-holo

    4 Psy, BLW non-holo

    1 Holon Phantoms Grass holo

    Old odds and ends

    Team Aqua’s Kyogre non-holo

    Team Magma’s Groundon, non-holo

    RH Crobat G

    Delta Rainbow Energy

    1 Item Finder Base

    1 Gust of Wind Base 2

    2 Holographic 1st edition Base set, Machamp

    Schyther, Base set 2

    Chansey Base set 2

    F eel free to ask about unlisted Trainers, and UC/C/Rares

    2 Kyurem PLF
    1 Silver Bangle
    Thundurus EX reg( or I can downgrade my regular Thundurus EX for 2 promo ones)
    4 Deoxys EX (Tin)
    Any and all Oshawott merchandise (plushes, figurines etc)
    Pokemon Black (Nintendo DS)
    Any WC deck that has all 60 cards
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  2. PP101

    PP101 The Swarm for 3 seconds then accidentally left

    You said you'd have a Mewtwo you'd trade me? I have a Gigas EX, Virizion EPO AND NVI, Terrakion EPO AND NVI, RH Oshawott, RH, Dewott, and an RH Samurott. If that's not enough, my trade thread is in my signature.
  3. RisingDawn

    RisingDawn #1 Oshawott fan! :0<

    Hmm...if you toss in a FA Reshiram I'll call it a deal. I can work something else out if thats too much.
  4. PP101

    PP101 The Swarm for 3 seconds then accidentally left

    Done deal. I'll PM you.
  5. Monferno

    Monferno Rule #1: is that you gotta have fun

    I have both RH Dewotts from BLW, League Promo Oshawott, two promo Oshawotts (one from the tin, the other from BLW three-pack thing.) and RH Ability Samurott. Are you looking for any of these?
  6. RisingDawn

    RisingDawn #1 Oshawott fan! :0<

    Ayup! :) I collect the Oshawott line
  7. Monferno

    Monferno Rule #1: is that you gotta have fun

    Do you have any FA Zekrom BLW, RH Tynamo NVI (40HP), RH Catchers, Random Receivers, Cheren, Level Balls?
  8. RisingDawn

    RisingDawn #1 Oshawott fan! :0<

    I have 2 RH Tynamo NVI, 2 RH level ball. But the Oshawott are quite low on my priority list. Its more like a "throw in" option
  9. David

    David Shiny Piplup wiZard

    I have some cobalion for trade
  10. RisingDawn

    RisingDawn #1 Oshawott fan! :0<

    I'm close to having a full playset of NVI, what are you wanting?
  11. RisingDawn

    RisingDawn #1 Oshawott fan! :0<

    Updating with a few notable Reverse Holos :)
  12. beboppokedad

    beboppokedad Well-Known Member

  13. RisingDawn

    RisingDawn #1 Oshawott fan! :0<

    Ayup, but I cannot ship until Monday. So you may want to wait a couple days to get negoations started
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  14. RisingDawn

    RisingDawn #1 Oshawott fan! :0<


    I'm looking for the Mcdonalds Dewott card if you have it I would love to trade ya for it :)
  15. PP101

    PP101 The Swarm for 3 seconds then accidentally left

    I have it. :) Can I get an RH Super Rod for it?
  16. RisingDawn

    RisingDawn #1 Oshawott fan! :0<

    Tottally :D,
  17. PP101

    PP101 The Swarm for 3 seconds then accidentally left

    Cool! I'll PM you.
  18. David

    David Shiny Piplup wiZard

    I have 2 FA NVI and 2 normal NVI
  19. RisingDawn

    RisingDawn #1 Oshawott fan! :0<

    What do you want for the 2 Full arts?
  20. beboppokedad

    beboppokedad Well-Known Member

    any proposal? ty