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    First and foremost, if you are a brand new member and have 0 feedback from other forums or eBay, then you are NOT allowed to sell. Period. Do some trades to get feedback first.

    1. This forum is for selling only. We have separate forums for trading and buying.

    2. You may sell Pokemon cards and TCG paraphernalia only. All items must be tangible (i.e. no deck lists or help offered). Loose booster packs are discouraged because they could be weighed for holos.

    3. Edit your profile location to include your city, state, and/or country. This is so that anyone who wants to buy from you will know where you are located.

    4. It is assumed all cards being sold are English and authentic. If you have non-English cards for trade, you must state so. Fake cards are disallowed due to copyright infringement.

    5. All new sale threads are moderated before going live. Once you submit a new thread, it will be added to the moderation queue and a moderator will double-check to make sure it meets all the following requirements. If it's ok, it'll be posted, otherwise we'll message you to make changes.

    6. People will be approved to sell cards based on their past reputation. Moderators will look at the feedback you've received on other sites (since we're just starting) to make the decision whether to approve you or not.

    As a baseline, 5 positive feedback is when we generally feel comfortable letting you sell. If you don't have any feedback, engage in trades to make references.

    7. Your thread must include the following details:
    • Your username as the first word in the title (i.e. "Pokefan's Sale Thread")
    • Where you ship (and your shipping rates)
    • What kind of payments you accept (PayPal, cash, etc.)
    • Your cards/items for sale (including fixed prices for each item, in either USD or your local currency, plus the general condition of your cards)
    • Links to references (like your eBay account or trading profile on PokeGym and/or PokeBeach)
    We do have our own feedback system called XenTrader, but it is going to take time to build up references and reputability in the marketplace, hence why we want you to include links to feedback you've received on other websites.

    8. All cards must have a price. No auctions or "make me an offer" allowed.

    9. You may only have 1 sale thread open at a time. Edit your first post to keep it updated. If you need to start a new thread for whatever reason, let a moderator know and we'll lock the old one.

    10. You may bump your thread, but no more than once every 24 hours. If you bump excessively or reply needlessly, your thread will be locked.

    11. Respond to all offers you receive; don't leave anyone hanging. On the flip side, don't make offers you have no intention of following up on.

    12. Before you complete a deal, make sure the other person is clear on the condition of your cards. Use this rating scale:
    12. The buyer must pay before the seller sends. The seller should promptly mail the cards/items in a secure, well-protected envelope. Refer to this thread for shipping tips.

    13. Leave feedback using XenTrader after the sale is complete. You may only leave feedback for sales/purchases that take place over SixPrizes (not in real life or on other sites). Politely remind the other party to leave feedback for you as well.

    To leave feedback using XenTrader, click the other person's username, then click the "Leave Feedback" link from the overlay (or on their profile page). Select your role, the appropriate sale thread, rate the transaction, and type some detail about the transaction.

    All negative feedback is moderated. You should only leave negative feedback in cases where you were ripped off or there is irreparable negligence on the part of seller/buyer.

    14. Scammers will be promptly banned. Sellers who receive negative feedback (for being a slow sender, sending damaged cards, sending the wrong cards, etc.) will receive a temporary ban. Multiple negative infractions will result in a permanent ban. Please communicate and try to work things out before leaving negative feedback, however.
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