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    I am looking for some ways to boost the electric side of this deck but don't know what to change. It is an alright deck right now and I am afraid any changes will ruin it.

    Updated: Changed one of the Machops for a Zapdos G.

    Pokemon 23
    Machamp Prime TM 2x
    Machoke TM 3x
    Machop TM 3x
    Solrock TM 1x
    Lunatone TM 1x
    Hitmonlee UD 2x
    Riolu PL 1x
    Magnezone Prime TM 1x
    Magneton TM 2x
    Magnemite TM 2x
    Rotom UD 1x
    Altaria TM 1x
    Swablu PT 1x
    Uxie LA 1x
    Zapdos G AR 1x

    Trainers 18
    PlusPower 3x
    Interviewer's Questions 2x
    Junk Arm 2x
    Prof Elm's Training Method 2x
    Energy Search 2x
    Team Rocket's Trickery 1x
    Emcee's Chatter 1x
    Moomoo Milk 1x
    Burned Tower 1x
    Pokemon Circulator 1x
    Pokemon Collector 1x
    Switch 1x

    Energy 19
    Fighting 10x
    Lightening 6x
    Rescue Energy 3x

    My main strategy is to get both Machamp Primes out as quick as possible to do fighting tag back and forth. Magnezone Prime is there for the drawing power along with most of the trainers and Uxie. I would like to make this deck a little bit faster and need some suggestions. Also, I only have cards from Triumphant, Undaunted, Unleashed and very few from Platinum. Any help would be appreciated.
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    lunatone tm? why not lunatone sv