Regigigas EX?

Discussion in 'Deck Help & Development' started by Zarco, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. Zarco

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    Oh, Regigigas, the forgotten EX. This used to be a very strong staple in CMT (before Terrakion became necessary in CMT), and was one of the best attackers available. Sure, it's weak to Terrakion, but it was paired with Mewtwo and Tornadus to solve that.

    I've seen maybe one mention of its name since the rotation, and maybe a couple times since DEX came out. Do you think it's still playable? What decks can it work in/ could it be its own deck? Will BC bring anything to help it? (I could see Tornadus/EX and Bouffalant being good partners, with the new normal gym coming out, paired with Eviolites or Giant Cloaks, as well as EtherDex being helpful in charging it up)
  2. coolestman22

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    I considered playing QuadGigas at the beginning of BW-on. Then I remembered Terrakion.
  3. TheLightningFlare

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    I feel that Gigas is a really bad EX. The fact that you need damage on yourself to do alot of damage. It works with cards like Zekrom and it's outrage because even though they can easily KO you after you use Outrage, it's fine, because you only give up 1 prize. But Gigas is an EX, so the damage you need to have makes it a simple 2 prizes. Add 4 retreat cost, Huge energy cost to attack, and the fighting weakness, its just not that good.
  4. coolestman22

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    That is invalid because you can take a prize with the first attack, and put damage on yourself. Then, if they try to take cheap Catcher-prizes you do too. if they attack you for a lot of damage, Catcher-kill an EX.
  5. StrongRhino

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    I personally love ourage attacks, and eviolite could even be used to negate the negative for the first attack if you wanted to for some reason.
  6. indercarnive

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    gigas just isnt amazing against anything. and therefore the space in decks are better for consistency or things that actually can counter something.
  7. Monferno

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    Gigas is giant bait for catcher+RUMBLE ALL DAY

    (And Terrakion)
  8. airhawk06

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    I love Gigas EX, but not in competitive play. Just too much Brown stuff all over and that is not going to change anytime soon.
  9. thematteo0

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    I feel the the Aspertia Stadium Card [Expected to be in Boundaries Crossed I believe] could help this Pokemon a lot. Regi-Aspertia-Cape seems kinda semi-viable as Terrakion can't 1 hit it and no other Pokemon can apart from Landorus EX. If LandorusEtherDex becomes popular which I think it might [to an extent] do this deck won't have a chance however. I remember loving this card in the HS-ND format in CMT , Eels , Truth and more but once that was over I have not used it much more.
  10. Ein

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    Well Landman is weak to water who is getting a massive boost. I anticipate his weakness will keep him (somewhat) in check.