Removing the Trading Forums - Your Thoughts?

Discussion in 'SixPrizes Stuff' started by Adam, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Adam

    Adam Noice bruv, innit.

    Hey everyone,

    Just to let you all know, I'm considering removing the trading forums. There are a couple reasons:

    1. People have gotten ripped off

    This is the biggest reason. It's hard (if not impossible) for me and the mods to micro-manage all the trades, and I just feel horrible knowing that someone who tried to trade on SixPrizes got ripped off.

    It's just unacceptable that this type of thing is able to happen, and without proper means to monitor trades, I just don't feel comfortable allowing trading.

    2. Technical issues with the iTrader software

    There have been some bugs with iTrader that I can't figure out (people not being able to leave ratings, possible activity where people create 2 accounts and leave feedback for themselves to boost their credibility, etc...)

    In all, it's just kind of a hassle and I'd rather focus forum moderation efforts on facilitation better strategy discussion. That's what the site's all about anyway.

    So yeah... I just want to hear everyone's thoughts before I go through with it. I'll probably turn the forum into a link going to the Pokegym trading forums or something and let them handle trades.
  2. Genguy

    Genguy Active Member

    As someone who doesn't trade, I feel they could easily be removed but that is just me. I'm really not a big trading fan as occasionally, I see people unhappy or ripped off. We could setup a whole "Mod Trade" thing but that requires a ton of work and extra effort.

    Just my 2-cents
  3. yeniths

    yeniths Member

    This makes me sad :(

    If you are to do this please give it a like say 2 week notice from your final decision to close the trade section to actually doing so. Just so all current trades can get finished properly and records of people trading are not lost while trades are happening.
  4. techdeck101

    techdeck101 Member

    Please keep the Trade thread. It's great for people who don't have many people to trade with in real life. Like me.
  5. carolinemary1

    carolinemary1 New Member

    Please please please do not close it it is fun and a lot of peple enjoy it :(
    A lot of peple will be very very upset if you close it so please keep it open I know what you mean about getting ripped off but look how many peple trade on this if everyone is getting ripped off then no one would want to trade and a lot of peple still trade so there has got to be a reason. :(
  6. Tamoo

    Tamoo Probably the best in UK tbh

    As a very active member of the trading forums, it would be a huge shame for me to see the trading post go. SixPrizes does have many more advantages over pokegym when it comes to trading, mainly being that it's a smaller community in which everyone more or less knows eachother and knows when one is trustworthy or not. As a gym trader too, I've been very dissatisfied with trading there so far, whilst having no problems here.

    Obviously, there underlying issues with trust that is the main issue it seems at the moment. I can fully understand wanting to remove that section of SixPrizes for the reasons stated, but I'll post a few suggestions that may help things at least in the short run if it is decided not to be removed.

    The usage of middlemen. It's always a bit unpredictable when engaging in a trade with someone with 0 references. Therefore, maybe forcing the use of a middleman when both traders have an iTrader reference lower than 3 (arbitrary number at this point). If one person has a iTrader reference above 3, they send second. If both have more than 3, they can decide between themselves how to send, if they wish. This would help provide safer trades to people who haven't established themselves as traders yet, whilst allowing flexibility of those who have. I think this works especially well on a smaller trade base such as this as it's easier to monitor.

    That's pretty much the only thing I see working out tbh, but gets harder the bigger the site gets, and requires a bit of extra work.
  7. pikazap

    pikazap Member

    well i dont like to get ripped off and its kinda sad if this is a site say tips and strategie it never said anything about trading but hats my thought i cant trade because of money and money is not easy to just get and meaning somewhat easier underground acess
  8. Versilaryan

    Versilaryan Front Page Contributor

    I've made this my main trading spot, mostly because the Gym looks ridiculously fast-paced. I'd be really sad to see it go. )=

    You do have legitimate concerns, though, so if you decide to close the forum, I'll respect your decision. (Hint: Trade with me! That way you won't get scammed! =P)

    Not sure what you can do with the first point aside from upping the mod count or appointing trade mediators/local mods to handle the trading forum. I kinda like Tamoo's idea, too.

    With the second, though, you could get a system in place so that you can't leave feedback for someone who lives too close to you. I'm not entirely sure how IP addresses work, but I'm sure you could use them to make a system like that. Or maybe require some level of activity in order to post in the trade forums/leave feedback. Something like that would deter most people from cheating their feedback scores.

    I dunno. I'd be really sad to see it go, but I'll take my business to the Gym if I have to.
  9. Tamoo

    Tamoo Probably the best in UK tbh

    I'm afraid anything substantial involving IP monitoring wouldn't be practical, with the ability to make proxies flying everywhere, anybody can pretend to have a different proxy address if necessary.

    It sucks that there are people that are this dishonest in the community :/

    And yeah as Versi said, trade with me, I won't scam ;)
  10. mr619

    mr619 Cheese Head

    To be honest, there will be ripping on any forum you go to for trading. Whether it's Pokebeach, Pokegym, Pojo; you just can't get away from it.

    To be honest, I think the trading corner should be removed. I don't think the site's ready for it, and if there's no real person to moderate the area, it doesn't pay to have it. If people want to do trading, they can always go to another site.
  11. Tamoo

    Tamoo Probably the best in UK tbh

    Adam: Just FYI, I managed to leave the feedback just now, maybe the problems there are fixed now? :)
    Time heals all wounds and all that.
  12. Poteet

    Poteet Washed Up

    I've gotten a lot of suspicious activity emails in my box in the trading forums, and it is a pain to comb thru them individually along with checking out the forums.

    PERSONALLY, I'd trade at somewhere like Gym or Beach, more options, and you can typically find what you like with someone with decent amount of refs (never been ripped) thus I would have not one problem losing it

    I understand if people here want to make a community out of it here on there own. Smaller rings can be better, but again, eventually bigger is usually better in this situations, and there are already established areas for that.

    Its a good community poll, so there's my 2-cents
  13. cmmbear3

    cmmbear3 Member

    I don't use 6P trading because I have a lot of in-person resources, however, I understand that some people are not as lucky; I think that maybe there could be some kind of rule that trades must not exceed a certain value. This could help prevent really bad ripping-off.
  14. Thegame8228

    Thegame8228 Member

    I think it should stay; however, I don't really care since I'm done trading.
  15. chrataxe

    chrataxe Member

    I think if it is an issue of software/malfunctions things of the like and it has just become more cumbersome for those reason, then I can understand dropping it. But, for any other reasons, I don't really like the idea. I've been ripped once (not on here) and I knew I was going to be ripped...and I didn't it anyway, lesson learned. Not getting ripped is easy: obviously, trade with people that are easy to find here on the forums and have good ratings. If someone has 12 trades and all are with people that are NEVER on the forums, its safe to assume they made them up and gave themselves ratings, don't trade with them. But, for people like me, Thegame8228, Versilaryan, and pgmcskater, that have been here a while, have quite a few posts, and post frequently, I don't think any of us have problems trading on here. I know I've traded with each one of them and they have all been awesome traders....and I was willing to trade with them BECAUSE of the reasons I listed. I also helps to have some others refs on another site. I have 20+ refs at the Gym and I think thegame8228 has quite a few on the Beach. If people are getting ripped, its only because they aren't doing their homework and they would get ripped anywhere.

    As for a mod, maybe look for a mod for JUST trades and make the rules very strict and highly enforced. Not Nazi like, like the Gym, but just reasonable, obvious stuff; low ref sends firsts, no exceptions, keep all trades in the forums, have lists, etc. When idiots come in and post things like: you send first regardless, its easy to lock their trade threads or edit theirs rules to keep them in check.
  16. Adam

    Adam Noice bruv, innit.

    I'll respond to everyone individually a little later, but one other thing I didn't bring up is that the site is growing and is relatively small compared to other sites like Gym and Beach, which means more problems will inevitably come up. Whether or not the incidents of people getting ripped off were isolated of not, they are bound to happen again and more frequently as time goes on.

    I know oftentimes it's the person's own fault they got ripped, but if it's going to happen, I'd rather it not be on this site.
  17. techdeck101

    techdeck101 Member

    I know for a fact, that if you close the Trade Forums, 3 or 4 people are going to leave 6P.
    And 2 of my friends were just sign up for the Trade Forums.
    If you do close the Trade Forums can you tell us where else to trade online.
  18. DialgaChomper

    DialgaChomper Member

    Now that you think about it, the beach might be good, but I got kicked off cos of all the complicated trading rules. :/
  19. chrataxe

    chrataxe Member

    The Gym is good too. The rules aren't "complicated," but they are strict.

    This is true. But, before dropping it all together, I do ask that you at least try getting a mod and have them be more strict with the rules. I believe that having strictly enforced rules will help with the problem. If that fails, that close 'er down!
  20. mr619

    mr619 Cheese Head

    One rule I noticed a lot of people breaking in the trading area:

    5. No selling of items in the trading forums. We may allow selling and start a separate forum for verified sellers in the future if there is interest.

    This should really be inforced more. I think instead of dropping the forum now, you get about 2-3 mods for the area, and give it a month or two to see how it changes. If it gets better, it can stay. If we still have a lot of problems, then it should go. I'm willing to help out in that area if you'd like.