Richmond Virginia Cities Woooooooooooooh REPORT!!!

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    thefazn Cool Story Brah!!!

    So yeah, I got a phone call from my home boy at 8 in the morning waking me up and I am like wtf? He says "We are still meeting up at 8:30 to go to cities right?" And I take another look at my phone for the time and I am fak... So get my lazy butt out of bed and hop straight into the shower (I suggest all you pokeman players do this before going to an event)... Anyways I get out of the shower dress up and I take a look at my phone again for the time and its 8:30 so I am fak fak fak, I am late... I race out of my house without grabbing food (big mistake), and drive to the closest gas station to fill my 1993 little toy car honda civic and race over the card shop to pick my friend up... So I get there and I do not see him anywhere so I start to smoke a cig and its 8:55 and I decide to call him up and see where he is at... Little did I know he was sitting in car beating his meat or whatever in the parking lot.... So we get the show on the road having like an hour and a half ride to cities... On the way a big semi-rig is wrecked in some trees and there is like a four person accident... Great -_- We get through that while I am blaring my ipod to some good ole Taylor Swift... We get to the place (Collector's Heaven) at about 10:02 and there is literally two other people and I was said to my friend "I guess there was no need to go a hundred down the interstate." So we write our decklists down and bs for two hours or so before they actually start the tournament.

    Round 1:
    Played against this guy I had seen at a local card shop around my area a couple times and he was straight Darkrai... I felt good all the way through the match until I was at two prizes... He came back from six prizes straightup tearing my virizions and genesects new ones and playing N several times to make me have only 2 cards in hand and next thing I know BAM!!! He has one prize left.... So at this point in the game I have a week genesect on my bench and some pokemon dying as my active. I counter him back with my own N (hehee) so now I have 2 in hand and he has 1... I drew a Godlike plasma energy, laid it down on genesect to catcher out his absol, retreat for my weak genesect and deliver the KO with a good ole megalo cannon. So after this I quickly report my win, run outside to grab cig, and I enhale that thing like there is no tomorrow.

    Round 2:
    Played against this guy who starts off mad slow, no supporter for like 4 turns straight and there was no way in hell I was dropping that N out of my hand... Of course he is playing the most skillful deck of the format TOOLDROPWHATWHAT!!! I play first get the whole virgin thing set up by turn two while he just drops down 3 level balls for trubbish's and sigilyph. I skyla a couple times holding my N and I see my gbooster is sitting nice and safe in my deck and I am honestly thinking to myself, why the hell do I need that card against this matchup... Eventually it is like 3 to 6 prizes and the man finally gets a juniper... Whoooh, the pokegods gave this man like every tool he needed to stop my genesect in my tracks (aka silver mirror), anyways he eventually knocks my genie out and im attacking with virizions and powering up my mewtwo and bouffy, I get both my tool scrappers within the game knocking off the clutch exp shares he needs to fuel his lil trashlings, I am down to one prize now to his 3 after he kills my bouffy, he has a trubbish on board with silver mirror and all I have is town map after he N'd me... All I need is one energy to place on my mewtwo to win and I top deck the almighty PROFESSOR JUNIPER. I play my town map and I drop my juniper and get an energy to hand and then the man procedes to complain on the fact why would I play town map for the last prize card? Who CARES!!!!! It made no difference on the fact he lost. So I quickly rush turn in my win and go smoke but I knew there was definitely no time for me to smoke cuz time had just been called as I was walking out... Sad thing was I only got to smoke half of that flaming stick.

    Round 3:
    Play against this guy who I had destroyed last week at my very first cities with team empire (unfortunately I only got 9th place with that deck :( ...... I knew he was playing plasma but he switched to speed lugia because he told me before round 2 started and BAM!!! Here he was sitting right in front of me after he told me his new additions to the deck, but little did he know I was playing with virgins... He set up thinking like I was playing empire and my starting pokeman was munna... FAK!!! He makes his shennaningan plays to get a lugia and thunderus and deoxys on board turn one... He N's my terrible hand away and I am back in buisness... Long story short I red signal Lugia, Gbooster shenanigans, and he makes a tragic mistake by leading with confagerous late game when I have one prize left... He commits harakiri with confagerous cuz he knew there was way to come back after that unslaught. I go report my win and then I go outside and take my sweet time with a victory cig.

    Round 4:
    I am feeling pretty good that I am undefeated at this point, Its my second cities ever and its the only the second time I had ever played with this deck at a tournament. So I sit down across from this kid and he has a vancouver worlds mat and he proceeds to tell me he got it when he went to worlds (cool story brah).... Anyways this kid mulligans 4 times against me but lucky for him he is going first, of course I got no pokemon from the mulligan and of course he has the N... well off the N I get a virizion and I have genesect on board who is poisoned and asleep with a mr.mime on bench, I play virizion, play switch and have a grass at the end of my turn... I get my whole genesect/gbooster combo going quickly and I realize I took too many prizes too fast... I was at 2 and was 6... anyways he scrappers my gbooster and gets out a garbador and starts poking my mr. mime with nightspear... I eventually get N'd to one late game and I had no supporter to make the comeback and I loose to absol and garbador... So I go outside to sulk in the fact I just lost to this really arrogant kid and I drown my lungs with some good ole emphysema... My friend tells me his record is 1-3 and he is about to terminate his pokemon career for the day... sad times.

    Round 5:
    Play this guy who is hispanic of somesort, really chill guy with an accent, but his deck is not chill by anymeans... This man is playing a random assortment of meta hate. I open really good but he opens two suicunes, a terrakion (retaliate), and a reshiram... he plays down a mirror on suicune and I proceed to emerald slash to just pump up my genesect... genesect now has like 5 energies and i get a gbooster with the skyla red signal his reshiram out and I start knocking out his pokemon with gbooster... he finally gets a scrapper but I have the shadow triad for the win and proceeds to enter scoop phase... I talk to him for like 5 minutes after and then I realize I gotta have another cancer stick.

    Round 6:
    I sit across from my opponent and I notice everyone is doing ID's... and I am like what is that, and they all tell me intentional draw... I ask my opponent what his record is and he 4-1 so im like ID? He is hesistant cuz he doesnt know if he will make it but everyone sitting around us assures us we will both make it... So we do that, and I go outside and bask in the warm sun while smoking the second half of my pack. The guy I was supposed to play is mad chill, and we talk for like 20 mins cuz there is nothing better to do.

    Anyways we get deck checked and proceed to top 8

    Top 8:
    So im shaking like I have Parkinson's or turrets cuz I have never been in a major topping situation for pokeman before. The guy wins the die roll and sets up squirtles and a keldeo with a first turn beach... I go to N him get a nice board myself with a genesect with a gbooster on him and a virizion with an energy and then I proceed to use his 200 dollar piece of cardboard against him for 6 cards... he doesnt get anything going on turn two and manually attaches a water to keldeo... I proceed to lay down a skyarrow bridge buff up my genesect and slaughter some squirtles (always liked charmanders better). Its like turn 3 or 4 he finally gets a blastoise out and a black kyrum, I catcher it out with genesect and proceed to KO... honestly it was such a quick game I lost track of details... Game 2 was almost identical in everyway but I had town map on my side... took the kid way too long to get a blastoise out, I ko'd one and he gets another one and he then says show me an energy and i have the game... i show him shadow triad to get a plasma back and proceeds to scoop phase. I go watch people in the top cut to scout out the competition... The guy that drew with is destroying the guy who I lost too, and the kid is getting salty about missing on three catchers (your fault for running that card) and they are in game 3 and mewtwo takes out absol for the win... so yet again I proceed to kill myself with another victory stick.

    Top 4:
    Playing this real chill guy who was destroying people with plasma, and apparantly he had been to worlds twice... He wins die roll and proceeds to start with a kyrum and a deoxys and gets a colress machine plasma on kyrum and then a prism or blend energy on him and all I have is a mr.mime out there... I get an N and ultra ball get a virizion, then N gets me genesect and switch... he beats down my virizion piece by piece with frost spear, and i get my genesect boosted up along with gbooster... i ko his kyrum, he brings out thunderus and starts powering up another kyrum, and then lugia comes to the board... Im not worried about lugia which was a big mistake, i ko kyrum and catcher out thuderus but scramble switch secures him the win with lugia... fak
    Game 2 I start but i know that could also be bad for me as well but I start off with virizion and genesect and get gbooster going i get to to 4 prizes but he scramble switches early to beef up his deoxys, i enhanced hammer his plasma off the deoxys so it would do less damage but then lugia hits the board again... and yet again I underestimate the lugia and he takes a swift three prizes by knocking out my genesect with gbooster on it... so i quickly think out a way to get around the lugia either buffing up a genesect or a mewtwo, i go with mewtwo and i enhanced hammer is double coloress energy to buy me a couple turns to buff him up but he starts buffing up deoxys and I am like fak... so I am able to do damage on deoyxs by catchering it out, but then he retreats into a thunderus and starts buffing up his lugia, so im like ****, he ends up with a collress machine and then attatches an energy to lugia and gets another swift 3 prizes... So I got the swift 2-0 and I am pretty sure my anus was bleeding a little bit after that one.

    So overall I ended up 3rd/4th and I pretty stoked about it for my second cities ever and me playing the game for only two months now and I had some bangin barbeque right next door (definitely the best thing of the day especially after skipping breakfast and lunch and the only thing keeping my hunger under control is some good ole smokes.

    Props for micheal pamatwat scrubbing out again, he deserves it after rule sharking me last week............... DUECES!!!