Ruby & Sapphire Remakes Announced

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  1. Professor_N

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    What... Worse games... What?
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  2. baby_mario

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    I've posted about it before, but here's the short version
    • No day/night (which GSC had)
    • Ridiculous evil teams that made Team Rocket look like criminal geniuses
    • Not enough Gen I & II Pokemon
    • Endless boring surfing with so many random encounters of Tentacool and Wingull
    • A lot of naff Pokemon designs (though some were very good too)
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  3. Otaku

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    • The day/night cycle wasn't always a good thing
    • No argument; I haven't played XY, but it seems like Team Plasma (their real motives) and Team Rocket are the only ones I can take seriously.
    • Yes and no; the point of Gen III was to be Gen III. We must consider another factor...
    • ...not this one. I mean, not in relation to the above; this was a major pain. =P
    • I think I have to agree. This might be a fun "project" sometime; just having people evaluate the aesthetics/concepts behind Pokémon, then comparing on both individual and generational levels. I think Gen III's designs feeling almost like knock-off Pokémon are why we missed Gen I & II so badly.
    In a recent messenger conversation with a friend, I realized that the downside of each generation focusing on things like graphics or certain game play elements is, besides the latter often feeling tacked on as the game maddeningly fails to be a good "simulation" but has too many details to be an easy, abstract source of fun* is something really easy to improve the games was left out. We saw this in Gen II, and its absence in Gen III ties into what baby_mario said; in Gen II, we got an (admittedly stripped down) version of Gen I.

    That was pretty amazing... but at the same time needed. I mean, I remember when someone explained that this wasn't some fictional island emulating Japan... it was just a small part of the real Japanese islands! Wouldn't it be awesome (and appropriate) to just fuse Gen 1-4? Keep in mind if we don't consider such a thing, Gen I is almost due for a remake again. Don't believe me?

    Game Boy => Game Boy Color => Game Boy Advance => Nintendo DS => Nintendo 3DS

    Those are the relevant handheld iterations; yes there are smaller divisions in all of them, and overlap as at least the first model of each generation was backwards compatible with games from the prior gen (excluding GB since it is the starting point). What were the contemporaries of Ru/Sa/Em? Fire Red and Leaf Green!
  4. KPiplup

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    I'm crossing my fingers that there's some sort of second stage of the game, for example, the second set of Gyms in HGSS.
  5. Phoenix15

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    That would be cool. Maybe it could get fused with Sinnoh. After all, Kalos and Unova are fairly new, and Johto and aka to have already been merged.
  6. Professor_N

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    I'm just hoping that this game isn't "3D" like XY was.
  7. HighShroomish

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    Thing is, Hoenn is supposed to be kinda in the middle of nowhere. Johto and Kanto are side by side, and Sinnoh is above them. Logically, Hoenn could be connected to Unova when looking at the maps, but I'm fairly sure it's supposed to mostly be an island in nowhere.
  8. Gelato

    Gelato The Swarm

    Nintendo could troll so hard by including Sinnoh, but making it take like 10 minutes to surf there
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  9. Professor_N

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    I would not be surprised.
  10. MetalArmedAngel

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    well if the "explore a whole new world" wasn't some trailer bullcrap, I hope it is like an extra region exploration. DPPt had so skimpy aftergame it wasn't even funny.
  11. Salamencetrainer34

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    Just as bad post game as XY.

    I think the whole new world refers to the 3d remake. And maybe they will have that new region hinted from the hiker who gave the souveneir? They cant have it for no reason
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  12. PokemonGeek

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    I disagree. People only thought Gen III was bad cos it made you work to complete it.

    Anyone thinking that there'll be Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire TCG cards?
  13. Professor_N

    Professor_N Well-Known Member

    They made Heart Gold/Soul Silver cards. So yeah, I think they will.
  14. PokemonGeek

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  15. baby_mario

    baby_mario Doesn't even care

    If by 'work' you mean 'endlessly tedious and repetitive surfing', then yeah.

    The game wasn't harder or more challenging than other Pokemon games, just dragged out by the stupid amount of water on the map.
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  16. PokemonGeek

    PokemonGeek Derp, Derp, Derpity Derp

    Maybe that was because of Kyogre...:confused:
  17. Otaku

    Otaku Well-Known Member

    Yeah, when a game feels like "work", there is a problem. For me, every subsequent generation tries to "duct tape on" new mechanics (and of course new Pokémon), instead of properly integrating them. That's why we get what should be stop gap measures until a convenient "reset" moment, like "baby" Pokémon, odd Evolution requirements because so-and-so didn't Evolve in a past generation that contained that mechanic, so we can't just start using that mechanic... despite Pokémon Evolution often being described as fluctuating in such a manner, and given everything else that gets handwaved for convenience, something like "...yeah, as soon as [insert non-standard Evolution] became more and more common, including siring more and more of the next generation, they just started Evolving by level instead."

    Anyway, end of that mini-rant; I really hope they consider offering some promos with the game. Have they done that recently? I haven't been able to buy a Pokémon game since Pearl, and it always struck me as odd that the video games weren't coming with at least one promo, let alone three like the Yu-Gi-Oh games did (and possibly still do; haven't purchased any of those in a while, either).

    I would assume we'll get something that is a nod to these games in the TCG; if not a set flat out named for them, then at least a featuring the Pokémon from the game (not necessarily mechanics from the game, just like a new Groudon, new Gen III starters, etc.). As the game's designers don't look like they can or else have no desire to knuckle down and smooth out the issues with the game's core mechanics (or rather, how cards are designed), then we might as well enjoy some Team Aqua and Magma Pokémon. ;)
  18. PokemonGeek

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    A few weeks ago, I got a pre-owned Sapphire and this was the conclusion: TOO MUCH WATER!!!:mad:
    If we do get Team Magma/Team Aqua Pokemon, we might be able to make this again:
  19. OshaWaterBottle

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  20. PokemonGeek

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    uh, how does that work.
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