Ruby & Sapphire Remakes Announced

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    Oh. Ok.
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    1. Having both Pokémon-EX and Pokémon-ex would likely be too confusing in general, and especially for newer players.
    2. I didn't find Pokémon-ex to be all that balanced last time around. Even though they were a part of the game during the time where it seemed best, both my concerns of the time coupled with revelations from how things turned out has led me to some interesting hindsight. I suspect now that many things only "seemed" more balanced:
      • Less developed information infrastructure made it harder to reliably get good deck lists, which slowed down the spread of ideas.
      • Just being younger overall, things weren't as tried and true for the game.
      • There really were a lot of things that worried me back then; most caused at least a little bit of trouble and only stopped once rotated out. Many mechanics that were brought back caused even more trouble, and my main concern is how they keep adding new gimmicks instead of balancing the core game play properly.
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    Just because they had Pokemon ex in the original RS, doesn't give us any reason to expect them now. Anyone see any Shining Pokemon in HGSS?

    As Otaku says, re-introducting them would just be confusing . . . and either awful or pointless. How stupidly broken would a Stage 2 that gave up 2 Prizes have to be in order to be compete with the EX Pokemon? Or should we get something terrible like BTS again? (I can't take seriously anyone who thinks that card was good for the game).

    They did try and balance the old ex Pokemon in ways that they haven't really tried this time around like very powerful Special Energy (DRE, Scramble) that could only be used by non-EX, or something like Celio's Network. I'm guessing that Otaku's (very valid) point would be that it is better not to produce overpowered cards in the first place than it is to just print stuff to try and reduce their power.
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    Just to emphasize the point, consider the current metagame. Now if you weren't around for the old days, learn some of the potent cards that excluded Pokémon-ex and consider how such cards would affect the modern metagame... and remember what I said; it didn't really work back then. There were long stretches where you had to run Pokémon-ex or had to run Evolutions or whatever was the overpowered aspect of the game until the next release, rotation, realization, or revelation that reshaped the metagame.

    Also, don't be fooled by mechanics we currently lack or counters we currently possess. Just because there is a counter to something, doesn't assure us it is balanced; a great example was the infamous Pidgeot from FireRed/LeafGreen. Once players realized that it took enough effort to KO it that it was more likely to get off enough searches to more than pay for itself, decks quickly began running 1-0-1, 2-0-2, and 2-1-2 lines of it and soon it was clear; you ran it, you ran a counter for it... or you even ran it alongside a counter to it, disabling it once your own set-up was achieved!

    The "doesn't work on Pokémon-ex" or "doesn't work on Basic Pokémon" or "doesn't work on Team affiliated Pokémon"* restrictions would have to be on so many cards, and all the older-but-still-legal stuff would abuse it until they rotated out.

    *Yes, I am paraphrasing; the text often lacked concise terminology.
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    Woo-hoo! The blind squirrel finds a nut!
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    Holy arceus... Serebii has new corocoro information.

    If you dont want to read it, [spoiler=New info] Mega Sceptile, Mega swampert and mega blaziken (Already confirmed I know) are all confirmed. Sceptile is Grass/dragon while the others retain their typings. Mega Diancie is confirmed, with no info known yet. And of course, Mega Kyogre and Mega groudon are confirmed. Steven stone is in the game, with Mega charizard X. And the new character models look AMAZING. These games look better than XY. [/spoiler]
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    Mega Sceptile, besides its design, could not have been worse.
    You know, we really needed another 4x ice weak dragon.
    And you know what, Lightning rod is really beneficial.
  8. Salamencetrainer34

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    They also have prehistoric devolution, reverting pokemon back to its primal state. Guess who may return <3
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    I think it's more coincidence that there happened to be a "primal" Pokemon in another game and that there happen to be more now. PMD Time/Darkness/Sky was a spin-off and non-canon. On top of this, Dialga is a 4th Gen Legendary, and while both Kyogre and Groudon had slight design changes as well as altered color schemes, Dialga's color was the only thing that changed. I'm not completely denying the possibility of a Primal Dialga in OR/AS, but odds are that he won't make an appearance.
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    I really like the new Team Aqua design. They seem like they'd want to flood the world so that they can dominate the high seas through ruthless piracy.

    Team Magma, on the other hand, looks like they want more land so that there can be more places for comic book conventions.
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    What Pokémon villain Team has not looked like they were cosplaying for a convention? >.>
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    Mega Swampert looks like a Water/Ground Chesnaught. Let's just hope they make it GOOD.
  13. HighShroomish

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    Team Aqua, obviously.
  14. Otaku

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    Right, no pirate based animé or manga.

    Did I mention I am waiting for the new episode of One Piece to go up over at Crunchy Roll tonight? ;)
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    Thats the anime I loved so much, got to get back to watching it again...

    I dont get the hate towards the new designs of Brendan and May, they look good. Love brendans, May should stick to brown hair. Team magma looks good, other than the weird admins (and one is self explanatory). Team aqua looks nice. Too bad Primal Groudon looks so slick, it made me buy Omega ruby. Cant wait for gameplay trailer, game looks nice right now.
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    Well... I guess I'll have to change my avatar... Oh well at least my favorite pokemon of all time is getting a mega evolution :D
    Also I can't wait for the first swampert card to be created since supreme victors (that was 5 years ago)