SalamenceTrainer34: US and canada NEED TOPLOADERS!

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  1. Salamencetrainer34

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    I will send first. No. Matter. What. I got negative ref as the card got lost in the mail.

    My cards are mint/near mint unless stated otherwise I want tournament playable cards

    1. No ripping at all!

    2. No fakes/World championships

    3. I send in a regular envelope, you may send in anything you like. If the trade is valuable, will send in bubble mailer.

    4. Send in a sleeve and toploader! 2 cards max per loader!

    5. I have 10 refs on pokebeach, one neutral for when I just began trading, all others postive. I got banned for non-trading reasons.

    6. I will, if necessary, counter your offer. You can do the same.

    7. No having more than 1 card in a sleeve!!!!!

    9. If something is in bold it is a major want.

    10. I will only CYL if you have a link in the signature.

    11. I got a negative ref because the post office did not send a pokemon card to serperior. I can, and will, send first.

    Full Art (regular)
    3 Emolga RC
    2 Reshiram RC
    1 Tornadus EPO
    1 Thunderus EPO

    EXs RA/FA
    2 Mega Venusaur EX XY
    Mew EX RC
    Kyurem EX FA NXD (beaten up a bit, little crease on top, ding on the card, still good, can get pics via PM)
    Zekrom EX LTR
    Victini EX LTR
    Black Kyurem EX LTR
    Mega blastoise EX XY
    2 Shaymin EX FA RC
    Jirachi FA EX PLB
    Skarmory EX XY
    Emolga EX XY
    Jirachi EX PLB
    Lugia EX LTR
    2 Meloetta EX FA RC
    Chandelure EX LTR
    DIalga EX PLB
    Groudon EX DEX (Decent shape, definitely playable)
    Mewtwo EX LTR (pending)
    Meloetta EX RC [/spoiler]

    1 Ultra ball (reverse) PLB
    1 energy switch BW
    4 Evosoda XY (1 reverse)
    5 Crushing Hammer (4 LTR, 1 EPO)
    3 Super potion XY
    6 Energy Retrieval PLB
    3 Superior Energy Retrieval PLF
    8 Rare Candy (2 Reverse PLB, 3 PLB, 3 DEX)
    1 Heavy Ball NXD
    2 Red card (1 reverse) XY
    1 Roller skates XY
    4 Enhanced Hammer (2 reverse) DEX
    1 Devolution Spray

    1 Dark Claw DEX (reverse)
    1 Rocky Helmet BCR
    4 Hard Charm XY
    6 Reversal Trigger PLB
    4 Silver Mirror (1 reverse) PLB
    5 Silver Bangle (1 reverse) PLB
    4 Team Plasma Badge PLF
    Eviolite (reverse 1 PLS)
    2 Giant cape (1 reverse) DRX

    3 Bianca (1 reverse) LTR
    1 Professor Juniper (reverse) PLB
    3 Cheren (2 EPO, 1 DEX)

    1 Caitlin PLB
    3 Team Flare Grunt XY

    3 Fairy garden (1 reverse) XY
    1 Skyarrow Bridge NXD
    1 Frozen city (reverse) PLF
    2 Shadow circle XY

    Ace specs
    G-booster (Very bent courtesy of @Vablakes :p) PLB
    Victory Piece PLS
    Master ball PLB
    Crystal Wall BCR
    Crystal Edge BCR
    Super scoop up cyclone PLB
    Life dew PLF
    Rocky Guard PLF
    Be prepared for a big doozy...
    [spoiler=Pokemon (holo/regular)]
    Regular pokemon (Non-holo/reverse holo)
    1 Sableye DEX
    1 Flareon PLF
    4 Suicune PLB
    2 Exeggcute PLF
    1 Aegislash (attack) XY
    1 Munna (Long-distance hypnosis) BCR
    3 Spiritzee XY
    8 Tropius (3 reverse) PLB
    2 Voltorb (1 reverse) XY
    2 Trubbish (Tool drop, #65) PLS
    4 Trubbish (70 HP, #67) LTR
    3 Stunfisk LTR (1 reverse)
    3 Seismitoad LTR
    1 Spiritomb LTR
    2 Drifblim PLB (1 reverse)
    4 Masquerin (1 reverse) PLB
    1 Espeon DEX
    1 Cincinno LTR reverse
    1 Reshiram LTR reverse
    1 Furfrou XY reverse
    1 Zekrom PLF reverse
    1 Houndoom PLB reverse
    1 Terrakion LTR reverse
    1 Blastoise PLB reverse
    1 zapdos LTR reverse
    1 Salamence PLB reverse
    1 Gabite DRX reverse
    1 Kingdra PLF reverse
    1 dratini PLF reverse
    Holo pokemon (Unless noted these are singular. I am tired of typing all these cards right now)
    Scizor (Undaunted (?) 7/90)
    Magnezone PLS
    Virizion LTR
    Umbreon PLF
    Gallade PLS
    Metagross PLF
    Glaceon BW90
    Eevee BW94
    Terrakion LTR
    Samurott BCR
    Sigilyph PLB
    Blastoise PLB
    Zapdos LTR
    Empoleon DEX
    Shinx shard holo NXD
    Cincinno LTR
    Hydreigon DRX
    Moltres LTR
    Articuno LTR
    Sigilyph LTR
    Gourgeist XY
    Reshiram LTR
    Haxorus DEX
    Victini LTR
    Blaziken DEX (Galaxy holo)
    2 Houndoom PLB
    2 Charizard LTR
    Porygon Z PLB
    Golurk PLB
    Klink shard holo BW
    Salamence PLB
    Krookodile DEX
    First ticket DRV
    Mesprit PLB
    Tepig BW02
    Thunderus LTR
    Serperior LTR
    Manaphy PLS
    Keldeo BCR
    Hydreigon LTR
    Snivy BW01
    Machamp PLB
    Krookodile BW
    Landorus LTR
    Virizion BW70
    Rayquaza LTR
    2 Chandelure PLF
    Terrakion BW71
    Gothitelle EPO
    Garchomp LTR
    Slurpuff XY
    Archeops PLB
    2 Zoroark LTR
    Haxorus PLB
    Dragonite PLF
    Dusknoir BCR
    2 Weezing PLS
    Leafeon BW87
    Cofagrigus PLF
    Sceptile PLF
    Crustle BCR
    Lucario PLS
    Liepard BCR
    2 Garbador (1 LTR, 1 DRX)
    Meloetta BCR
    Volcarona DEX
    Electrode BW76
    Electivire BCR
    Sylveon XY04
    Zebstrika BCR
    Ditto BCR
    Electrode PLF
    Thanks for reading all that!
    Just random cards.

    Double Colorless energy HGSS Play pokemon!
    Japanese Crobat holo BW7 unlimited
    JPN Lugia EX BW7 UNL
    JPN manaphy BW7 UNL

    Gyarados Gold Star (Holon Phantom)
    Regigigas SF
    Palkia CoL
    Shining Tyranitar
    Voltorb SF Shiny
    Charamander SF reprint
    Wash rotom RR
    Torterra LV X DP
    Drapion LV X PLT (?)
    Palkia G LV X (PLT)(?)
    Regigigas LV X SF

    Dice (Elite trainer box PLS PLB preferred)
    Playmats (Got scrafty and XY one)
    GBA games (you name them)
    Play! Pokemon sleeves

    Deck wants:
    1x Lugia EX
    2x Thundurus EX
    4x Deoxys EX
    1x Palkia EX
    2x Kyurem (plf)
    1x Genesect EX
    2x Shadow Triad
    3x N
    2x Colress
    3x Frozen City
    2x Plasma Ball
    2x Ultra ball
    2x Colress Machine
    1x Scramble switch
    2x Switch
    2x Muscle band
    1x Max potion
    2x Tool Scrapper
    4x Plasma energy
    4x DCE
    4x Prism energy

    Xx N
    Xx Skyla
    Xx Prof. Juniper
    Xx Colress
    Xx Tool scrapper
    Xx holo energy

    I would also like to trade for good out of format cards (Like Donphan prime, etc.)

    I will also check your list.

    I would like the cards to be anything but not reverse.
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  2. daGlaceon

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  3. Salamencetrainer34

    Salamencetrainer34 An ogre-achiever

    Yes, I am interested in that mat. I value it at 20$
  4. daGlaceon

    daGlaceon Still Can't See

    Your Lugia EX and Celebi EX FA for it or counteroffer?
  5. Salamencetrainer34

    Salamencetrainer34 An ogre-achiever

    Deal. I'll PM you.
  6. I'm a bit interested in Computer Search and Lugia-EX RA, CML? Thanks! :D
  7. Salamencetrainer34

    Salamencetrainer34 An ogre-achiever

    Lugia is gone. I thought I took down.[DOUBLEPOST=1377317047][/DOUBLEPOST]My: CPU search

    Your: Crobat ex

  8. Oh, Ok. :( I'm still interested in Computer Search though. :D Also, if you happen to have 2x non RH Tool Scrapper or 1x non RH Juniper DEX I need those as well.
  9. Salamencetrainer34

    Salamencetrainer34 An ogre-achiever

    I have 1 Tool scrapper that condition I cannot guarantee (Away from collection till sunday) I only got a juniper from BW :\
  10. I have the RH Tool Scrappers, but I have 3 random RH cards in my whole deck and it is driving me bonkers. I don't care about condition so long as it isn't creased/water damaged. LMK if you see anything on my list for it or the Computer Search. :D
  11. Salamencetrainer34

    Salamencetrainer34 An ogre-achiever

    Interested in Palkia plush (Would be in bigger trade I suppose), salamence RH, and the Victory cup 1st place[DOUBLEPOST=1377562495,1377318190][/DOUBLEPOST]Bump
  12. Serperior

    Serperior Well-Known Member

    Do you remember what trade we were going to do over on Pokebeach?
  13. Salamencetrainer34

    Salamencetrainer34 An ogre-achiever

    Yes. I'll pm you.
  14. I'm also interested in:
    RH Weavile PLF
    RH Volcarona PLB
    RH Froslass PLB

    Happen to have any other Team Plasma reverses?
  15. Salamencetrainer34

    Salamencetrainer34 An ogre-achiever

    I probably do. Lemme check. I am positive I got Skarmory rev.
  16. I actually have a Skarmory, I'm about to update my trading thread with the ones I need though.
  17. Salamencetrainer34

    Salamencetrainer34 An ogre-achiever

    I got:
    Torterra (Condition is meh. If you are trading for the looks, then it should be good)
    Durant (Gnaw) Same as above. Better condition though
    Watchhog (Uncommon) Has some weird crease in the top, only runs in that area (ONLY ON BLUE BORDER, small area) and scratched
    Not a team plasma rev. but cool nonetheless. Trubbish (PLS, pile up). It is reverse, but has lines from the printer or something. Some scratches, a bit of white on back.
    These below should be good condition.
    Reversal trigger
    Ursaring (some scratch thingy)[DOUBLEPOST=1377576829][/DOUBLEPOST]I also got (Should be mint, sleeved as pulled)
    Team plasma triad rev.
    Cofagrigus Ability
    Both PLF bisharp
    Team plasma badge
  18. I'm very interested in:
    RH Durant
    RH Watchog
    RH Escavalier
    RH Cofagrigus (Ability)
    RH Bisharp PLF (both)
    RH Leafeon
    RH Team Plasma Badge
    Normal Tool Scrapper

    What are the lines in the Trubbish? Are they indents from the machine? Or are they areas where there is no ink? How big are they? I might be interested...

    LMK if I can do anything for them. :D
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    Trying to sell anything in the trade area is not allowed. Especially considering you do not meet the criteria for having a sale thread of your own.

    If any cash exchanges hands before you've been approved as a seller, bans will be swift and permanent.
  20. Salamencetrainer34

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    I didn't say anything about sales in my thread. If I did, I am sorry.

    EDIT: It was for someone else. My mistake.
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