San Diego League Challenge Tournament Report

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    CrimsonRussell 107 Championship Points, and 6th place at states!

    Hello! This is my tournament report for a league challenge I went to today. Yes I know it is only a league challenge, but still, I didn't know I would do this well.

    Round 1: Alex J. w/ Darkrai/Ho-oh /Techs
    This round was weird. At first we were both dead drawing, and eventually he was able to get the knock out on my Yvetal. (BTW I am playing Darkrai/Yvetal EX) Then I drew a Juniper and I got an explosive hand. I got a Yvetal Ex, and energy and a dark patch. I was able to know out his Suicune with a laser, and I just won from there.
    Me: 1-0-0 Oponent: 0-1-0

    Round 2: John-Robert G. w/ Rainbow/Techs
    I know John Robert is one of the top seniors in CA so I was ready for anything. I lost the dice roll and he went first. I got a really horrible hand, and he got an OK one. After he attached an energy to his Yvetal EX, he passed. I didn't have any supporters, so I just attached to my Saybleye and passed. He got another energy and attached it to his Yvetal EX, did a manuver with his Aromatisse he evolved that turn, and KOed my only pokemon I had in play. I was expecting some sort of thing like that, so I wasn't suprised when I lost.

    Me: 1-1-0 Oponent: 2-0-0

    Round 3: Andrew H. w/ Darkrai/Yvetal
    I'm going to make this a long story short. He miss played the whole game. I setup and won.

    Me: 2-1-0 Opponent: 1-2-0

    Round 4: James H. w/ ToolDrop (
    This game was easy, and nerve racking at the same time. James is a really good player, and I didn't want to lose to him after we played at states. I got the prize lead with a KO on his Surskit, and he was able to draw one prize later in the game. Throughout most of the game, I had NO supporters, but I was drawing prizes because of my Yvetal just KOing his easy cards like Trubbish. He couldn't get setup well enough and I won.

    Me: 3-1-0 Opponent: 2-2-0

    Round 5: Ryan B. w/ Thundurus EX/ Deoxys EX / Kyruem
    Ryan is my friend and I knew I could beat this list (If I played well). I won the dice roll, and I decided to go 2nd, so he couldn't attack. I got an Ultra Ball with 2 darks and a Juniper. I Balled for a Yvetal EX. and Junipered. I got a Dark Patch, and an energy, so I attached to my Yvetal and used Oblivion Wing to get that 2nd dark onto my Yvetal EX. He lasered, my Yvetal and drew his prize. I brought in Yvetal EX, and attached a DCE and lasered so it would be a knock out. From then on, he was dead drawing energy so he scooped. Good game Ryan!

    Me: 4-1-0 Opponent: 2-2-1

    After that, I just waited for the final standings. There were only 4 4-1's, so I knew I was going to get prizes. All of us know that whoever had the best resistance would be 1st. Then at last the final standings came up:

    1st: Jared K. (me!) w/ Darkrai/Yvetal
    2nd: John-Robert G. w/ Raibow/Techs
    3rd: Alex J. w/ Darkrai/Ho-oh/Techs
    4th: Meto. P (DSNiND0) w/ Thunderus EX/ Deoxys EX/ Lugia EX/ Kyruem

    I got 1st! Apparently I BARELY got that place. Then judges said go look at the standings, and my resistance was 56.50% and 2nd place John-Roberts's resistcance was 56.45%. That means I won by 0.05%. Anyways, I hoped you enjoyed this tournament report, and I will be doing more in the future!

    Good luck with all your games!
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    Mention that Colress for two that got you a Darkrai for a crucial KO. And that N to one that got you a Colress.
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    CrimsonRussell 107 Championship Points, and 6th place at states!

    ok lul