“Say Hello to My Little Friends” – Regionals, Flareon Feels, Memory Tricks, and More

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    Did Israel's build use float stones? I don't see them in his profile from the week before...
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    My apologies! I wrote that section just after week 1 and had heard that bit from a friend. I missed that in looking things over before submitting for review!

    No, Israel's list did not in fact run float stones. But to be honest, that's even scarier. I mean... You can't really argue with 2 regionals in a row, but with Garbodor seeing a rise in play, I would really want some way to avoid lasers buildup outside of rush in. But yeah... Can't argue with results.
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    Great article :)
    The lists won't help me much, since I already moved on to the new rules format, but the section about memory was very educational.
    I started last year trying to figure out what my prize cards were at larger tournament, but never really got the hang of it.
    These tools are really helpful, so hopefully I can make much more use of that technic now ^_^