See the Forest for the Trees – Making Virizion Flourish in the New Format

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    I like the concept of the Virizion list that you provided, and I know you are trying to fit everything in. I guess I question the lack of Catcher and was wondering what your thoughts were on that. I don't think you would be able to OHKO everything, and I don't think the Megalo Cannon 20 is that effective.
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    What about using something like Virizon/Jirachi. It would not be too competitive, but it would be fun. Jirachi wouldn't put itself to sleep as long as it has Grass Energy on it (Virizion's Ability). Also, I have been using regular Genesect PLB and I like it in VirGen. Call For Family can really get things going for this deck, and it IS a non-EX attacker, but I prefer Bouffalant for that. Great article!
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    Did you mean to not include catcher in the first list? If not, what do you think you would take out?
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    Teching Azelf from plasma blast into your Hydreigon list makes a plasma matchup much more favorable. Try testing with it!
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    Great article and I like your approach to plasma and speed lugia, will def. be testing those. The main concern that I have is that the two decks that I am expecting to see in this format are Garbodor Darkrai and Blastoise (both made impressive showings at the Klaczynski Open last weekend). Hydreigon just loses to both of these and Virizion's ability begins to falter at the smell of the heap of garbage. I know that a good Genesect list is out there but I am still waiting for it. The inclusion of Boufalant in your list certainly helps make the deck better against Darkrai, but I think ignoring the power of Genesect EX is a step in the wrong direction. I know that the card was overhyped and is hard to power up but it is still undeniably good (there was a reason that it got so much reaction in the first place, right?). I think that not implementing the Plasma engine in the deck is detrimental in that it limits the number of strategies or "moves" you can make in the chess match that is a game of Pokemon.

    Just my opinions on what you have written.
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