“Sizeable Smells” – The Sweet Scents and Foul Odors of Big Basics

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    Did you find Hard Charm being really good during your states run, or was it not making big enough of a difference that it could be omitted from the deck.
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    I'm surprised there haven't been more comments about this article as your CLoGZ deck is awesome. This was a very exciting read for me. I applaud your success and ability to think outside the box. I will definitely be frequenting A Roll of the Dice, and hope you get more front page articles here on 6p in the future.
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    @Tax_Collector: Yes! I really loved Hard Charm as it made even more difficult for the opponent to knock out my 180HP EX's. If I had 2 Garbodor's up, they would have to spend a Tool Scrapper on the Garbodors' tools rather than a Hard Charm which was nice. It definitely made a big difference especially on Zekrom.

    @hypnotoxic: Thank you so much! The website is just starting out, so it means a lot :)
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    Interested in this deck, as we have built and been playing a version with Landorus, Garbodor, and Raichu. I have been nervous to add Cobalion and go all special energy, but it seems like it would be really good. Would you be so kind as to share your complete list now?
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