Spaghetti and Meatballs (Tangrowth/Jumpluff)

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  1. strannyi

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    Pokemon - 22
    4 Hoppip GS
    2 Skiploom GS
    4 Jumpluff GS
    2 Tangela SF
    2 Tangela AR
    3 Tangrowth SF
    1 Tangrowth Lv.X AR
    2 Sunkern GS
    2 Sunflora GS
    2 Pichu GS
    2 Uxie LA
    Trainers - 24
    4 Rare Candy
    2 Pokemon Communication
    1 Luxury Ball
    1 Expert Belt
    4 Bebe's Search
    4 Judge
    2 Looker's Investigation
    2 Pokemon Collector
    1 Palmer's Contribution
    3 Broken Time-Space
    Energy - 10
    6 Grass Energy
    4 Double Colorless

    After a miserable defeat at Battle Roads a couple weekends ago, my previous straight Jumpluff build really started to disappoint me. Match after match was basically Jumpluff getting slaughtered with me watching hopelessly as I was outsped and overpowered. After rotation, my build lost a lot of it's oomph and I really started to feel it. In this deck I wanted to change it up a bit without losing to much comfortability. Already it matches up against various Gengar and Garchomp decks much better than at the last Battle Roads. I'm still worrying about Jumpluffs on the bench getting sniped, but with Tangrowth-X I can usually manage to pull out of it and counter-KO. Judges and Looker's serve for hand refresh as well as disruption, mainly against SP. Pichu is pretty much a placeholder for something better, but he straight up killed a Dunsparce donk I faced in Tulsa, so I guess he's also a bit of sentimental value too.

    My two biggest flaws I'm facing with it right now: 1.) The lack of energies and ways to get them out. Luck plays a big factor in that via Judges, Looker's, and Uxies. And 2.) Sunflora and Jumpluff getting bench sniped by Garchomp or Kinggar.

    Pretty much any criticism, suggestions, whatever.

    I'm not expecting to win the next BR I go to, but I'm really hoping to do well, haha.
  2. airhawk06

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    Now that you don't have just Jumpluff in there, it may be time for a couple more energy. In running 4 Judge and 2 Lookers, you get good hand refresh, but it's still luck of the draw. Personally, I find Looker's more effective than Judge. You draw AND possibly disrupt your opponent, but you may in the end help them. Notice: Mine and Masacre's 1st BR at Bentonville :C . So maybe think about running 4 Lookers that way you can choose you, or if your opponent's hand is awesome, make them toss it. Also, for hand refresh, Lookers gives you more anyway. And with the loss of 2 Supporters, toss in 2 more grass energy.

    If you're really having an issue with your bench being sniped, think about the possibility of Bench Shields or even Vespiqueen which protects all leaf pokermans on your bench.

    Just some thoughts.
  3. Kettler

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    You're saying take the Judge's out all together? I see you're point with Looker's but if I have a crappy hand and he has a great one and I make him shuffle, I'm still stuck with a crappy hand.

    Vespiqueen might be good. Maybe I could replace Pichu with a 1-0-1 line. Or drop the Expert Belt and Lux Ball for Bench Shields.
  4. FunkyStrong

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    Vespiqueen is 1-1. And that's what that first bit was for. You could run 2 Judge, 2 Lookers.
  5. Or possibly 2 Judge and 4 Lookers, Also I like your Tangrowth line. He is something un-expected in a deck that usually gets return KOed. No one is going to expect a Tank after dealing with an onslaught of Pluff. Also you could possibly drop the other 2 pichu's for 2 pokemon communications.
  6. strannyi

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    Thanks for the advice. I think I'll try the Vespiquen line.

    I don't really have trouble getting any pokemon out, so I think two more communications would be overkill. I'm going to have to play around with the Judge's and Looker's to find something that I'm comfortable with too. Thanks for the advice!
  7. FunkyStrong

    FunkyStrong Member

    I was talking about cutting his Judge or Lookers line to add in energy or a Vespiqueen line. Lol. Swapping the lines does nothing.
  8. My apologies Kenny, I thought we were referring to consistency. Also Cutting into the supporters would probebly be a bad idea considering he will really rely upon them if facing any trainer lock (what with DialgaChomp/VileTomb and the various spiritomb builds).
  9. Hahahaha. Sorry, I didn't even read your article or deck list. I just thought I'd say that this is the BEST deck name ever.