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Discussion in 'Deck Help & Development' started by pkmn, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. pkmn

    pkmn that's when I won nats

    Need Help! Will be playing this deck, but am afraid of KlinKlang and Landorus

    4x Darkrai EX
    4x Sableye
    1x Keldeo EX

    12x Darkness

    4x Juniper
    4x N
    3x Bianca

    4x Catcher
    4x Hypnotoxic Laser
    4x Ultra Ball
    4x Dark Patch
    4x Energy Switch
    3x Dark Claw
    2x Random Receiver
    1x Computer Search

    2x Virbank City Gym
  2. TechnoLegend

    TechnoLegend Active Member

    The list looks great to me, Klinklang would be a problem if it gets set up, but unless you wanted to tech in a V-create Victini, i would say just spamming poison, and catchers would low them down, they only have so many switches. They have no energy acceleration so you should be faster, just keep KOing klinks.

    I havent tested it but i wonder if including 3 or so crushing hammers would help with that match up, considering they can only attach 1 energy at a time.
  3. koji

    koji last name ever, first name greatest

    terakion Ex pump up smash but i won't be played that much.
  4. TechnoLegend

    TechnoLegend Active Member

    definatly not in klinklang anyway, not enough basic energy
  5. koji

    koji last name ever, first name greatest

    yeah , but somebody will find a way......maybe.
  6. Zarco

    Zarco Alternate format enthusiast

    My list is the same except for
    -1 RR, +1 Bianca
    -2 Energy, +2 Energy Search (can be junk hunted for more energy, and thins the deck... might be good to play 1 of these at least)
  7. mattynate

    mattynate That's not rasslin'!!

    Hmm no skyla?????
  8. pkmn

    pkmn that's when I won nats

    @matthynate yeah, no Skyla. I need speed, Skyla doesnt really do the job well.

    TechnoLegend Can't do that! Too hard to tech stuff into a deck like this. PoisonSpamming is a very effective strategy though, I've tried it once with Sableye circulating the Hypnotoxic Lasers and Catchers.
  9. SoldiersSpirit

    SoldiersSpirit I will defend my Kingdom.

    Are you not worried about garbador? Better hope there isn't a couple of decent garbage players or your whole deck shuts down, unless you count on spamming/jh'ing lasers...especially if they play two stadiums themselves just to counter virbank lol.
  10. pkmn

    pkmn that's when I won nats

    why should i worry about garbodor??? i just need to outspeed them that's all
  11. coolestman22

    coolestman22 Now Has Techron

    This isn't Speed Darkrai, this is Darkrai/Lasers. Speed Darkrai is Darkrai with EtherDex.
  12. HighShroomish

    HighShroomish Wreck-It Ralts

    Exactamundo. Toss hypnobank 1 ultra ball and one catcher for etherdex engine
  13. coolestman22

    coolestman22 Now Has Techron

    Actually, Darkrai/Lasers is probably a better deck than Speed Darkrai. If your goal is to T1 Night Spear, though, go for Speed Darkrai.
  14. HighShroomish

    HighShroomish Wreck-It Ralts

    just sayn if he wanted speed, build speed, not lazers
  15. pkmn

    pkmn that's when I won nats

    EtherDex is inconsistent. I can get T1 with this given a juniper and some resources
  16. PellOfTheTundra

    PellOfTheTundra Do you even LT-87

    Etherdex is overhyped and pretty bad, TBQH. It's inconsistent, can be extremely useless in some circumstances, and is slow acceleration in general. I don't care what you're running with it, it's just overhyped.
  17. pokemonguy

    pokemonguy Making Bad Last-Minute Changes Since Nats 2014

    Skyla. Nuff said.
    I play speed darkrai with lasers, It's just better.
  18. pkmn

    pkmn that's when I won nats

    Why should I be running Skyla when I emphasize speed. I really need the draw for my resources.
  19. HighShroomish

    HighShroomish Wreck-It Ralts

    What do you need to pull of a turn one Night Spear with Etherdex and what do you need with this not-lazerbank-deck-that-mains-lazers?
    2 dark energy in hand
    1 Ultra ball in Hand
    1 pokemon on your side of the field
    1 Ether
    1 Dex
    1 Dark Patch

    THis not-lazerbank-that-manes-lazers
    3 Dark energy in hand
    2 pokemon on your side of the field to begin wth
    1 Proffesor juniper
    2 Dark Patch
  20. pkmn

    pkmn that's when I won nats

    I main lasers. I call this speed darkrai since no one would opt to play etherdex anyway unless for fun. Well for me to hit he t1 I need: 3 darks 2 patches 1 energy switch 1 ultra ball and 1 Pokemon. But then any of these can be replaced by juniper. Just because I said I could pull off the turn 1 night spear doesn't mean i can do so consistently..