Speed Lugia/Lugia Donk

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  1. Zarco

    Zarco Alternate format enthusiast

    This deck got a lot of hype before everyone realized TDK was really good. But, this deck is actually pretty legit. My list (give or take a few cards):

    4 Lugia EX
    4 Deoxys EX
    2 Thundurus EX

    4 Juniper
    4 N

    4 Bicycle
    4 Random Receiver
    1 Computer Search ACE SPEC
    4 Ultra Ball
    4 Plasma Ball
    4 Colress Machine
    1 Catcher
    2 Switch
    2 Float Stone
    4 Pluspower

    4 DCE
    4 Plasma
    3 Prism

    The last slot can be a Prism, a Switch/Float Stone, a Catcher, another Supporter, or another attacker (non-EX?)

    Basically: 120+40 (Deoxys) +10 (Pluspower) or +20 (Double Pluspower)=170 or 180, to KO EXs. KOing 2 gives you the game. Lugia's just crazy. Thundurus can help set up damage and energy at the same time. You might need to add in something for Klinklang, some non-EX decks, and Sigilyphs if you expect to see them- Kyurem should work, as would Absol or a number of other things.
  2. Hal

    Hal Did I hear "Garbodor"?

    1 catcher? I don't think I've seen a decklist with 1 catcher since.... a long time. Now you're the one who knows what this deck needs and what it doesn't but I suppose I'm just stuck in every deck has to have catchers. Maybe -1 Random Receiver, -1 Bicycle, +2 Catchers.
  3. Zarco

    Zarco Alternate format enthusiast

    Since you can generally either donk, or KO the active anyways, catcher isn't as necessary as you'd think. I have one for security, and that seems to be fine, but there is an open slot in that list that you could put a second in if you needed. Honestly though, you generally end the game in 2-3, so it's not really a big deal to not have many catchers. The original list that I used as a kickstarter didn't play any, if I'm not mistaken.

    You need max bikes (and probably RR) for consistency's sake, because you need lots of cards to get anything done and want to get attacking by T1/T2. I'm considering Beach for when you don't get T1 Lugia (which is pretty often) and can't use Thundy.
  4. Hal

    Hal Did I hear "Garbodor"?

    I guess I just have a hard time imagining any deck that can consistently win in 2 or 3 turns in a format that is all about setting up fast, plus I've only ever seen a T1 Lugia once (it was amazing) but I havn't played this deck so I'll take your word for it.
  5. 765Bro

    765Bro Hibiki...~

    I like this idea better with Cofagrigus than Deoxys. You're still too reliant on PlusPowers to really make much use of them- Unless you can start with a bunch of Deoxys, Colress Machine and DCE you're going to need to use that Skyla to grab out other things than PP.
  6. HighShroomish

    HighShroomish Wreck-It Ralts

    My friend made a fun list that was decent and it looked something like this.

    Lugia EX-2

    Colress Machine-4

    Basic Energy-38
    Plasma Energy-4

    Looks like s***. Plays like s***. Is fun as heck.
  7. 765Bro

    765Bro Hibiki...~

    The problem with Lugia-EX is he is actually very poor at going for a donk. He is good for a speed deck, but 4 for 120 is just bad and awkward.
  8. Zarco

    Zarco Alternate format enthusiast

    Yeah, it's not often a legitimate donk. But it does happen, since it's not hard to get an OHKO on anything and everything.

    I'm not a big fan of Cofag since it takes so much deck space and is harder to search and set up, while not really helping you do big damage. I get 4 Deoxys on bench usually T2 or T3 at latest with copious ball engine, at which point you need either Thundurus damage or 1-2 Pluspower to get your KO. Skyla unfortunately slows you down and is awful in a deck running off Random Receiver.

    The deck isn't really just going off T1 and winning, but it's shockingly easy to nab KOs on EXs, and winning T3 or T4 is definitely not uncommon. The deck is surprisingly consistent and very powerful. It does have a few god-awful matchups, though.
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