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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by baby_mario, Feb 21, 2013.

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  2. sibon

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    The first is an example of a very bad deck getting a one-in-a-million win on the first turn.

    The second is two decks that should have an interesting match up (though it is of course hard to tell, as you only see 1 Pokemon from the opponent) having a game cut short due an arguably 'unbalanced' card. Though it is certainly - for lack of a better PG-13 word - whiny to post a video of a semi-rare occurrence and claim it is PTCGO in a nutshell.
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  3. baby_mario

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    I just thought it was funny that one day we have a video celebrating a donk, and the next we have one saying that donks are everything that is bad about the game.

    It's not Laserbank that's unbalanced, it's the first turn rules. If you couldn't attack or if you couldn't play Trainers T1, the risk of donking is very minimal.

    At Manchester I played through 6 rounds of swiss and a top 8 with a deck that was specifically designed to do T1 60-90. In 13 games total I got ONE outright T1 donk win.
  4. coolestman22

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    The first video is good because Pooka is the one donking.

    The second is bad because Pooka is getting donked.

    No, but seriously. The first one is cool because it is a unique, fun to watch video of a stupidly stupid card beating a stupidly powerful card. The second is something you see all the time, a Mewtwo or Tornauds or some other common attacker winning on Turn One via stupid cards.
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  5. Otaku

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    I do appreciate your original point; it does seem a bit silly to celebrate one donk while disparaging another. I have to disagree because the things are similar but not identical: the first video focused on a deck that required a decent amount of luck, and when it fails does no damage plus doesn't appear to have as good of a long-term game.

    Granted, I don't like the game having donk capacity at all... but when it exists I can enjoy the stupidity of it a little bit, in "fun" games.

    The first turn rules are what they are, and yet the Hypnobank combo was created and released... unlike say Sabledonk where we had a card designed to work under previous rules "broken" by a rules reversal.

    If we are going to address the hypothetical, like "well if the rules were different first turn like they used to be", then I would point out how huge an impact it would make if all the forms of first turn Energy acceleration were non-existent and/or if Pokémon lacked damaging attacks first turn. Both would have prevented the above scenario and frankly, I believe would improve the game a little (but only a little) with what is otherwise the current card pool.

    Please note that I am not stating the current first turn rules are "good", just that Creatures, Inc. knowingly did this and that indeed, there is a reason to complain about a relatively reliable capacity to donk, especially smaller Pokémon.

    That is one too many for my tastes... and how much of your failure to donk was due to decks relying on big, Basic Pokémon over Evolving Basic Pokémon or even bad luck?

    Sorry to sound like such a Negative Neddy. >.>
  6. PellOfTheTundra

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    I hate celebrities. And donks.

    That's my thoughts on this.
  7. camoclone

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    Oh I know the difference! It's the same difference!
  8. PellOfTheTundra

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    Seriously, with Pooka complaining about lasers, it makes me wonder if he has lost his touch. I hate celebrities. I really do. And I also hate noobs who complain about stuff like this. You can be a vet and still be a noob, or be a newbie and not be a noob. But being a noob at all is inexcusable. I understand hating donks, I hate them myself, but cheering over donking someone and then complaining when you get donked? That's straight-up hypocrisy, and I hate stuff like that.
  9. baby_mario

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    Pooka isn't a celebrity, and if some players treat him like one, that's their choice not his.

    He's actually a really nice bloke, and there's no harm in people admiring him for his very impressive achievements in the game.

    I didn't post this to call him out on being a hypocrite, I did it because I found it funny to have the two videos posted withing a couple of days of each other. Of course I fully take @Otaku's point that one is an amusing freak occurrence and the other is something you can expect to see a fair bit at States.
  10. PellOfTheTundra

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    But you cannot deny his hypocrisy here. He says that HTL is broken and PLS is stupid for allowing a Donk, and yet he cheered when he donked someone. It kinda makes me a little sad.

    As for the celebrity comment, he is ALWAYS treated like one, or at least, a renowned public figure.
  11. coolestman22

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    But when he donked someone it was with a stupid card, not Mewtwo or some other common T1 attacker.
  12. PellOfTheTundra

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    The thing is that cheering over ANY Donk and then complaining about donks is hypocritical. It doesn't matter how stupid or common the attacker is. Either complain about Plasma Storm allowing more donks OR cheer when you Donk someone, even with a stupid card.
  13. jeffrey3421

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    the victini donk was a hilariously funny donk, while the other has happened to me far to many times to count.
  14. PellOfTheTundra

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    Either donks are okay, or they are bad, dood. If you condone a donk because it's funny, you can't just say another, more common, less funny one is bad. That's just hypocritical. Either both are okay or both are bad. >.< double standards.
  15. baby_mario

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    Donks that require a very rare combination of circumstances and a lot of luck don't affect the quality of the game because you will almost never see them in a tournament.

    Donks that are easily achieved with commonly played cards do affect the quality of the game.

    There is no hypocrisy. Not all donks are the same.

    It's inevitable that the most successful players will get recognition. I dunno why it upsets you so much. Pooka has a very impressive set of achievements and his site produces some great content that a lot of people enjoy. People respect him for that, but I've never heard of anyone treating him like a celebrity. There's no reason for resentment.
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  16. PellOfTheTundra

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    ... Both require immense luck, unless they are intended. In both circumstances, the person donking just got lucky. Seriously, that's a huge part of this game.

    EDIT: I dunno if I am just reading into this too far or what, but I really cannot help to see this as hypocrisy.
  17. coolestman22

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    How much luck does it take to get a T1 V-Blast plus two heads on a lone Mewtwo, and how much luck does it take to get Mewtwo + DCE + HTL + Virbank on Lone Squirtle? Seems like a pretty big difference to me.
  18. PellOfTheTundra

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    Quite a bit. Having HTL+Virbank+CPU Search+Mewtwo in an opening hand against a lone Squirtle in a deck with 9-10 basics is quite, but the chances of Victini+Psychic Energy+double heads against a lone mewtwo is just as low, if not HIGHER because of the N. The man got a perfect hand, and Pooka got just as lucky. Seriously.
  19. HighShroomish

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    I agree with Pell. Being happy u donk then get mad someone donks u is hypocritical
  20. InfinityMinusOne

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    Maybe I'm not seeing this in the same light as Pell. Donking aside, the first video was about a play that happens once out of a hundred games and then some. Idk about others here, but whenever I get one of those one-in-a-million chances at making an incredible and, for the lack of a better word, awesome play, I tend to revel in the fact that I pulled a stunt such as the one seen in the first video. The second video was about a play that was not as rare nor impressive. Is it always going to happen? No. Is it likely to happen every other game? No. Does it warrant a video about complaining about donks? Probably not, but I'm simply making the point that the two scenarios aren't as identical as you make them out to be.
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