Spreading Damage (Blastoise EX/M Blastoise EX/Kyogre EX/Kyurem/Keldeo EX/Blastoise/Dusknoir)

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  1. tonenkyra

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    Strategy: Kyogre EX and Kyurem are ideal starters to start spreading damage on the board. Blastoise is there to accelerate the energy of course, Dusknoir to spread the damage (and get KO's), Keldeo EX for the ability and M Blastoise EX to continue the mop up and add more damage to the board.

    Pokemon: 19
    2 Squirtle
    1 Wartortle
    2 Blastoise
    2 Duskull
    1 Dusclops
    2 Dusknoir
    2 Kyurem (Frost Spear)
    1 Keldeo EX
    2 Kyogre EX
    2 Blastoise EX
    2 M Blastoise EX

    Trainers: 29
    2 Professor Juniper
    2 Shauna
    3 Skyla
    1 Colress
    2 Professor's Letter
    1 Startling Megaphone
    2 Switch
    4 Level Ball
    4 Heavy Ball
    1 EvoSoda
    3 Rare Candy
    1 Scramble Switch
    3 Tropical Beach

    Energy: 12
    12 Water Energy

    I've had pretty good matches with it but would like to see what everyone thinks I can improve on. Let me know peeps!!
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  2. HEZ

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    I'd cut the Blastoise EX line, Megas just aren't crazy-good enough for the drawback, it'll just slow you down. Also consider that with just 3 opposing Pokemon, Kyurem is doing nearly as much damage as Kyogre EX, and even more when they have 4 or more, not bad for a regular Basic!
    Play 4 N to make it a hard choice for your opponent; play down all their Basics and take more damage or risk having them shuffled away. Play at least one Float Stone if you're using Keldeo EX, that's its main combo (except with Water energy :p )
  3. tonenkyra

    tonenkyra Squirtle Squad!

    Whoops, forget to mention that the kyurem is the frost spear one. And the mega line is what helps spreading more damage around. I usually end up getting them during the beginning turns of the game. So it didn't truly slow me down. And yea I gotta consider adding in a float stone as I have noticed several times that I would have loved to retreat freely instead of wasting a switch. I'll edit the kyurem now so everyone knows.
  4. themiraclemeat

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    With only five draw support cards, your hand sizes are going to be really small if you can't get tropical beach up and keep it up, and if you do tropical beach that means you aren't attacking and dmg spread becomes weak. Add more N and Junpier and possibly bicycle.
  5. Phoenix15

    Phoenix15 I Flew Into a Burning Ring Of Fire...

    that list seems loaded and cluncky. Just saying
  6. FullArticuno

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    Honestly I'd just use Articuno EX for its Blizzard attack. Fairly cheap energy cost and you get tons of support with it being a Plasma Pokemon. I ran a deck like that and it was actually fairly competitive. Let me know if you want the decklist I used.