Spreading far the fame...

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    Hey guys this is my first post here on sixprises. A little about me...just recently got back into pokemon after a decade sabbatical. I recently attended both Oklahoma and Texas state tourneys, not really doing that great but a lot of fun none the less. Well here's the list:

    Spreading far the fame...
    3 landorus ex
    2-2 duskull/Dusknoir (sinister hand)
    1 mewtwo Ex
    1 bouffalant (bouffer)
    3 tournadus ex
    (12 pokemon)

    4 juniper
    4 N
    3 Skyla
    1 colress
    1 Bianca
    (13 supporters)

    4 laser
    3 catcher
    3 candy
    3 switch
    3 ultra ball
    2 max potion
    2 virbank
    1 energy search
    1 super rod
    1 tool scrapper
    1 escape
    1 computer search
    (25 trainers)

    6 DCE
    4 fighting
    (10 energy)

    The strategy plays like big basics. Hit hard with tornadus/landourus/lasers/virbank to get a bunch of damage on the field. I don't usually like to have Dusknoir down until at least turn 4 if I can that way damage is on the field to manipulate with sinister hand. I have had a lot of fun playing with it. I like that it can run with or without the Dusknoir. He just makes it that much more fun and unexpected. I'm open to suggestions. Do find that late game Ns seem to be a downfall of this deck after losing two local tourneys to dead draws after N to 2-3. Help me out!
  2. cabd

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    Three candy for a 2-0-2 line? Why?

    Especially since you run Skyla is a healthy amount. You can for sure cut that down to two candy. Maybe put in a ditto instead for added funsies
  3. Jiddypop

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    Lol I was thinking of ditto earlier actually. The three Candies were for added security for one or maybe two being prized which has happened twice. But it is easy to drop. Thanks for the idea.
  4. cabd

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    You want to play the seven prize game for sure. Only benching one non EX is the way to do it usually.

    Dusknoir is more of a finisher, right? So if you end up not having to use him, it's not the end of the world and you should have taken at least a few prizes by then.
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    Did nobody notice the 6 dce?
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  6. Jiddypop

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    Wow good catch yeah reverse the energy...6 fighting 4 DCE
  7. Underworldowl88

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    Can't you only have 2 DCE per deck? I could be wrong.
  8. Jiddypop

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    Was this serious? You can have 4.
  9. InfinityMinusOne

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    You can have a maximum of 4 of any named card in your deck at a given time. The only 2 exceptions to this in the current format are ACE SPECs (you can only have 1 of them in your deck at a given time) and Basic energy, of which you can have any amount, so long as no other rules in terms of deck building are broken.
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    Yep i noticed ;) You ninja'd me