“Spring in My Step” – NXD-XY Sypnosis, Fresh from Flashfire, and Nose on Japan

Discussion in 'UG Article Talk' started by HenryP, Apr 24, 2014.

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    I love how you got us lists from Japan and shared what you thought about them. I find the lists quite interesting, and think that the lists are pretty well-built. All around a great article to read!
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    yeah the list is pretty good. i know how to beat that deck with plasma tho lol
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    great article!
  5. PP101

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    Is the goal of the Khangaskan/Aromatisse just to tank with Khangaskan? Kinda confused as to why you would use Khangaskan over a toolbox or a straight Fairy version of the deck.

    Anyway, great article as always! :D
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    Enjoyed the article!

    Having played Big Basics/Aromatisse deck I have been intrigued by the potential of Kangaskhan. I had hoped that someone might have covered the concept in a little more detail as, with less than 2 weeks to UK Nats, it's probably a risky choice!