“State of the Union” – Consistency, Dragonite, New Set Highlights, Top Decks for NXD-XY, and...

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    In the Yeti deck list, why are you playing 4 Blend instead of 4 Prism?
  3. DrMime

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    Great article! My son and I always appreciate your Underground writing, especially as a early look on each upcoming format. (I will say my son shared your love of Empoleon a little too much for his own good last format. But that's on us, not on you.)

    I have speedy385's same question about Yeti, along with one other. Snorlax has always fit well into Yeti, for its Block ability, as an OHKO'er, and as a 7th prize. But in my early testing, I find that Muscle Band makes me want to attack with Lugia most of the time, and now that opponents use fewer Float Stones and more Switches, Block just doesn't work as well as it used to. Do you have any other ideas for 7th-prize options? One thing that comes to mind is Cofagrigus, which I think was used in a couple of top-8 decks at Orlando Regionals--what do you think of that? Or anything else in mind?
  4. Adam

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    That was an editing error on my part, thanks for pointing that out. It should be Prism.
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  5. JayHornung

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    Speedy: In the article I wrote 4 Plasma Energy twice. Adam corrected it to 4 Plasma and 4 Blend, so this was my mix up.

    Dr. Mime: I ran into the same issue, I wanted to find a better 7th Prize opition, but I just have not been able to find one. Snorlax is still a beast and extremely good in certain match ups like Accelgor.
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    8 Plasma would be better. :)
  7. DrRazorblade

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    Good article jay, I like your rayboar list, (it's similar to mine in terms of the evolution lines and trainers, not so much beaches though lol) either way it's good to know I might be on the right path in my rayboar choices
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    Dr.RazorBlade: Thanks...a lot of my Rayboar choices were reinforced by Rays performance after Regionals. It was good to know I was on the right track with a lot of my choices and I got a few ideas from him as well.
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    I think the Yeti vs. Virizion/Genesect matchup is too luck based, you have to get the T3 KO on their virizion with Lugia before they bring it up with signal and kill it. If not, you're left attacker-less.
  10. JayHornung

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    Which is why I worded things pretty carefully...it's a pretty even match up...luck could go either way.