Steel Yourself – Countering Klinklang

Discussion in 'UG Article Talk' started by Crawdaunt, Apr 9, 2013.

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    Great article Mark! Lots of good lists and well thought out reasoning for techs.
  3. ChampBuster

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    Great article +1 for sure. I really find it awesome that KK is making people sweat it for regionals.
  4. Reshiphlosion

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    +1 for talking about how to melt the metal! I honestly needed this article going into regs, klinklang is my biggest fear and I needed to know how to beat it without using Rayeels.
  5. Parenting101

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    Great article Mark!

    It is Klinklang that has got me jumping back and forth on my Regionals deck choice! Especially since being one of the Top 16 players that lost to one of the 5 Klinklang decks you mentioned. :(

    See you Saturday!
  6. Blueye95

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    Currently i run my BB list with a little more consistency, with a bouffalant a terrakion, 3 max potion and only 1 energy switch. I think that is the middle way, not teched heavy for kk, but at least you got a shot
  7. Crawdaunt

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    Thanks all!

    Blueye95, I'm pretty comfy with 15 supporters and a focus on Skyla. But consistency never hurts. A comment on the 3 Max Potion thing, because I see it creeping up more and more. I really feel like 3 is overboard, and I suspect the comfort with 3 in a tournament list is because no one is really testing against Blastoise or RayEels. If you face a deck that just OHKO's, 3 does nothing good, and I'd rather have say... 2nd Energy Switch to switch on the fly when they target my attachments. And 2 E Switch makes it easier to run into etc... I do think that 3 non-EX attackers lets you run into them when you need to though. I find that to be the most challenging part of the Klinklang matchup, getting Bouffs etc... when you actually want them. And with Terrakion I'd want more than one Energy Switch.
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  8. Reshiboar

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    I was reading the Rayeels part of the article as I think it is the only one I may use ,but may I ask why 3 switch instead of DCE? I mean I say that because of tornadous EX (or how ever you spell the name as I'm bad at spelling and english) I think it would be better to have 2 switch 1 DCE as that way you could still dowsing machine for the switch ,but since a eel only has a two retreat cost anyways ,and it would be better with tornadous and giving you a option to both switch a eel out of the active or power up tornadous EX ,and give you the possibility of a donk (even though the chances are low for that) anyways I'd just like that explained to me in a reply if anyone has time....
  9. Starmetroid

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    Switch doesn't use your attachment per turn like DCE does. Mark's list runs Dowsing Machine over Computer Search so the lone DCE wouldn't even be searchable meaning you probably won't be able to get it when you need it. Tornadus is hardly a focus for the deck, just an additional option against Landorus decks.