Surviving (and Thriving) at the Chicago Cities Marathon

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    Great article Jay, it was fun to read about a bunch of tournaments I actually attended! (my best finish was sadly 12/100 in Oswego) And of course, congrats on your wins! This was one of the more insightful articles up on a while. The article read as a week long story of the ups and downs of playing in tournaments. Nice job squeezing in some deck lists as well. Overall, plus one.

    I do have a specific question for you on Blastoise. I plan on playing it for St. Louis as I don’t think I can stomach another donk on my Tynamo. Currently I’ve been playing straight consistency (similar in style to Kettler’s list) but after a few hours of testing with Yoshi (7-0 in Oswego), Bouffalant doesn’t seem like a bad inclusion.

    However, after reading your article… its seems my original thought of playing as consistent a list as possible is more beneficial in the mirror than adding the little Buffalo (or Sigilyph for that matter). Any thoughts on what/if to tech in Blastoise? I've also toyed with the idea of adding a second non-ex Keldeo as 110 HP really isn't terrible either.

    Thanks and good luck at Regionals!
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    Fantastic article - thank you!
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    Thanks Jay!

    I have to ask, how important is Sigilyph to Blastoise/Keldeo. Both in the deck like you were playing, and against it? It's the one concern on my mind right now. Not Quad Sigilyph (not only do I not expect much from the deck, but I think I'm ok playing the matchup anyways). What really worries me is a deck like Ho-Oh playing up to two copies of Sigilyph. The deck doesn't need to bench too much, which means a couple Sigilyph (combined with a discarded Ho-Oh) can really bring out surprise return attackers. That and hiding behind an eviolited Sigilyph can bring out the dreaded 5th water on Blastoise.

    If you were Blastoise/Keldeo, would you make sure to include a specific Sigilyph counter? Or would you just go for straight consistency? Perhaps a 4th Catcher compared to your original list to make sure you can Catcher around the Sigilyph.

    And if you were to include a tech, what would you include?

    Little Keldeo? Kyurem NVI? Your own Sigilyph (or 2)? Meloetta? Bouffalant BW 91? Terrakion NVI? Victini NVI 15?

    I think that exhausts all the viable options as far as Basic techs. Some of which unexplored, somewhat for a reason. All of the above can OHKO a Sigilyph with at most a couple tech energies.

    Yeah... thoughts? To tech, not to tech?
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    Kgenthe: My orginal list was very similar to Yoshi's Oswego list, to be bluntly honest my orginal list was horrible and than I basically scrapped it and built the deck again from the ground up for a Cities in MN. The list for that Cities was 1 card off from the list I posted basically I just added a Mewtwo EX. After I rebuilt the deck without DCE I never bothered to try cards like Bouffalant again. I think 2 can be really good in mirror but does nothing against Sigiylph which is why I wouldn't play it.

    Borichu: Thank You, positive feedback means a lot on an article that took you 12 hours to write.

    Playing 2 Sigilyph made me feel like Quad Sigiylph was a great match up, I only felt like it was even playing little Keldeo or Kyurem. As I talked about in my games against Kyle I felt like he had issues dealing with Sigilyph in our games. Not huge, but basically he was committing energy to cards that didn't hurt me like Terrakion over Mewtwo EX or Bouffalant.

    Quad Sigilyph is probably 35-65 if your only counter is Blastoise. They play Eviolite and you need Tool Scrapper or 5 energy to KO and they respond Mewtwo EX. If they N first you might not be able to answer. I will say I firmly believe that Sigilyph is the best counter to Sigilyph by far Kyurem, or Keldeo is a soft counter at best and can be easily countered by Mewtwo EX.
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    I can totally relate to consistency issues with Blastoise Keldeo. I ran it at Georgia Marathons (not as competitive as Chicago, but still a good competition) where I top cut three days in a row with the deck. Took the same list to VA Regionals and go 3-4 drop. I feel like that is one of the biggest challenges in the current format, to try to make a consistent deck that does well in all situations. Hopefully more cards added to the card pool will help, but I feel like an addition of a card like Pokemon Collector or Roxanne's Research would really be helpful. Thought?
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    My thoughts are cards like Collector or RR mean very little unless you have some sort of consistency pokemon to grab...sure grabbing 2 Squritles and a Keldeo EX is great, but it doesn't help the rest of my hand is dead.